The Adventures of the Incredible Demoness Meow

Lustfully smiling at the girl, Meow lay on her back, spreading such long and seductive legs wide apart. Without waiting for the demoness to get bored, Olesya knelt in front of the bed. Laying a soft pillow under her knees, the girl began to examine and sniff at such an alluring, wet and sweet pussy Meow. Having put her hands under the folds of the legs of the seductress, the girl, as it were, hugged them, wrapping her arms around them and began to lower her face to the calling slit, which again began to look perfect. As if it hadn’t turned partially inside out like a flower a couple of minutes ago. Starting with her palms to stroke the inner side of the cat’s thighs, the girl began to lick Meow’s pussy with enthusiasm and diligence along its entire length. And before she had time to attend to the fact that she was busy, and the pussy itself was running out of lust, as she felt something long, elastic and very fluffy penetrating into the pussy.

Looking down, Olesya realized that it was the elongated tail of the demoness. The pink tail entered the girl’s pussy and whirled around inside, massaging and tickling the girl’s vagina from the inside. In the movements of the tail, I felt a great experience, and the skill to please the ladies.

Deciding to repay Meow, Olesya delved into the knowledge of the sweets of the cave flowing with waterfalls of secretions. Pressing her face into such a coveted pussy, she rammed it with her tongue, trying to get to the very depths faster and faster. Meow’s pink tail rammed the girl’s pussy faster and faster, swelling inside it and wriggling faster and faster, rubbing the walls of the wet pussy drowning in juices. The demoness herself, with her hands, either caressed her breasts and nipples, then pressed Olesin’s head more tightly to her insatiable pussy. Not forgetting to moan and scream with passion and pleasure that covered her with her head.

The room was filled with sounds full of passion and debauchery. Moans, screams, squelching and mooing.

  • Mmmmmm … ahh … yes! I’m cumming! cumming !!!

With these screams, Meow began to press Olesino’s face closer to her pussy and very abundantly irrigate him with her juices, while the girl, being delighted with what was happening, selflessly licked, sucked and swallowed everything that this cave could give her. Continuing to squeeze her face into the demoness’s bosom, shuddering from the waves of orgasm, the girl herself began to drain the juices from her flaming pussy. Meow’s tail rammed her harder and harder and now the girl arched with a loud scream.

  • Aaaa !!! Yes!!! Cumming !!!

And she fell exhausted on Meow.

Taking advantage of the girl’s complete exhaustion, the demoness continued her game according to her own rules.

Meow continued to caress … she stroked the girl all over her body. Kisses went down lower and lower … Neck … Her hair. Shoulders … And here’s her chest … God, her breasts. The demoness took hold of her breasts for the first time. And she began to lick her circle. And taking her papilla in her mouth, Meow heard a moan that escaped Olesya’s throat. The girl tensed … And the demoness, without stopping, touched her nipple with her tongue. Meow sponges began to squeeze her papilla. She caressed the girl’s second breast with her hand … And this papilla began to bite, pull off, suck, kiss, lick, lick and bite again, pull back and suck and bite … Meow’s hair, meanwhile, lay on Olesya’s body … long pink hair. The girl screamed …

  • Aaa mmm more! Do not stop!!…

Meow bit her nipple lightly and smiled. Meow held the girl by the waist so that she would not jump out and began to lick the girl as much as possible. And there was something to lick …

It turned out to be the tastiest of all the Meow had ever tasted. Starting to come to her senses, Oleska tried to escape, but quickly realized that it would not work out … and she didn’t really want to, rather the opposite … Then she clamped the Demonessa’s head with her legs …

  • Ahhh … mmmmmm …

How nice it was.

While this little slut held Meow in her arms, she sucked on her pussy and began stroking her breasts with her hands. But not for long, caressing her breasts, the demoness’s tongue finally penetrated her pussy. And Meow was not going to unclench her legs herself. Let it open as soon as it sees fit.

  • God … my girl you are magnificent … Iii …

Having slightly turned over, Meow still penetrated her tongue with her tongue! A wild scream escaped the lips of the pretty nymphet.

  • Aaaa !!!

And so the girl unclenched her legs and even spread them as far as possible.

And Meow, in gratitude for both squeezing and relaxation, climbed to kiss her! All in her juices, she began to kiss Olesya’s lips. Meow, grabbing the girl by the back of her head, kissed Olesya passionately. The demoness, having shared with Olesya her saliva and love juices of the girl herself, immediately returned to her pussy. And immediately she began to lick the girl again. The demoness only devoted herself to her pussy without a trace. Pressing her basin, as tightly as possible to your face. Meow was played like a real cat with her clitoris. Meow fell in love with him. She sucked and nibbled in the most gentle way … She smacked him louder than ever … Licked him with fanatical thoroughness. Penetrated with the tongue as deeply as it could only be in Japanese anime and hentai cartoons! Meow bit her lips with her lips

And finally Olesya began to finish when the demoness was carried away by fucking her tongue, penetrating deeper and deeper. Pressing her pelvis into your face. And as soon as she completely expired, Meow licked her with maternal care. Every single drop.

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