The aftermath of a night at the club

It was with difficulty that my memory returned to me. I barely remembered how I was hanging out in the club last night, how I drank at the expense of some dark-haired girl. But further my head refused to remember.

I tried to get up, but my arms and legs were securely tied to the bed. I started kicking, having arranged a dumb (and my mouth was gagged with my own panties, for reliability, tied on top with some kind of rag) hysteria.

To my right, a muffled hum was heard – turning around, I saw in the same way a tied tanned brown-haired woman with whom I danced in the club. Now she was lying and crying, not trying to free herself.

  • Anya, our chickens are awake.
    I turned around indignantly. On the sofa on the other side of the room were two girls: a slightly plump blonde and a dark-haired one who had drunk me last night. They were both completely naked, except for the luxurious black boots on the legs of the named Anya.

The dark-haired woman came up to me and ran her hand over my chest and stomach. She bent over me, examining my body with her gentle fingers. I, being completely helpless, endured this humiliation.

Then they both moved away so that we could not see them. The sobs of the brown-haired woman – I could not remember her name – prevented me from listening to them.

The clatter of heels approached. The blonde plump sat down on the brownie’s chest. Anya, holding something in her hands (I could not see it), sat down at her feet.
Then there was a crackling sound and the Brown-haired woman began to wriggle and sob, but now in pain. I was terrified trying to understand what she was being tortured. The blonde took hold of her nipples and twisted them in a sadistic way, but I lay in horror, realizing that sooner or later they would take me.

Finally, they left the Brown-haired woman alone, the dark-haired woman moved onto me.
At that moment, I begged her not to torture me – the panties in my mouth allowed me to emit only a funny hum – but the cold steel of the clamps dug into my chest.
Then I saw in the hands of the sadist a purple stick, with which she tortured the Brown-haired woman. She touched my body with it – and every time I screamed in pain. Then she began to torment my pussy. An eerie, unbearable pain tore my body apart.

Finally, satisfied with my suffering, Anya stopped torturing me. With one light movement, Anna removed the gag from me and sat on me. Realizing that I had no choice and crying from humiliation, I began to please my tormentor with my tongue. On the right, the brown-haired woman licked the blonde’s backside, with sincere diligence marking each part of her buttocks with her tongue.

My tongue almost did not obey me when this bitch finished on my face.
Both sadists left us alone for a second. I turned to the Brown-haired woman, who with all her appearance said that she would endure any humiliation and fulfill any whim.

Then I felt that some foreign object was penetrating into me. The cold material entered me deeper and deeper.

The light turned off. Anya and her friend left, leaving us to wait for the arrival of our tormentors and hope for their mercy.

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