The awakening of the sleeping beauty

This time it all happened at night, when I was already asleep. My brother spent the night with me.

The beginning was like a dream. Someone went to my bed, crawled under the covers. His hand reached under my T-shirt and began stroking my breasts, slowly sinking lower and lower. Hand slowly began to crawl into panties, fingers began to enter the vagina. He began to massage him, going deeper and deeper with his middle finger … having played enough with his hands, my brother removed the blanket from me, took off my panties, spread his legs.

Taking his gun, he entered me, leading his miner into my cave. Brother slowly began to fuck me. From this I started to wake up. Seeing this, the brother said: “I really thought that I would fuck the sleeping beauty.” Spreading my legs wider for him, I hugged him. He introduced his penis into me deeper and deeper, his groans of pleasure became stronger and more distinct, kisses were accompanied by the words “how good.” A few minutes and his semen erupted into me, at the peak of his penis almost completely entered me. I screamed.

  • Mmmm, the bitch can also scream! – Zhenya said, kissing my chest.

I took his hot dick in my hands, hot, big, lumpy, dick in semen … I stroked him, remembering how much joy he brings me.

Zhenya lay down on one side, grabbed me in an armful and began to kiss. He strongly began to crush my boobs, as if for the first time he sees and holds them.

“You’re the best I’ve ever had sex with.

  • Because I always open your legs?
  • No, not only because of this. You are sister, I love you. You are never enough for me, just once with you is not enough, it is not enough to cum inside you just once …
  • If you want and can, then take me again, in the ass.
  • Now, just a minute … And I’ll take … my love sister … from behind, – he said, putting me on all fours and adjusting from behind.

He bent down and began kissing my ass, passing his tongue in the middle.

Moistening his penis with saliva, he carefully entered the ass. Taking a tight reed, he started fucking me. I started to moan.

  • Careful, it hurts a little …
  • Be patient a little, you are not the first to give in the ass … How many men have you already had? 50? 60?
  • Do you think I’m such a whore?
  • Well, at least a slut for sure!

His cock went in and out, you could hear the slaps on my ass.

  • All the same, how many men have already fucked you? – asked the brother, in the process of changing the location of his penis from the anus to the vagina.
  • Ah … Is it important to you?
  • Yes. So, how much?
  • Not less than 30 for sure …

The brother worked more and more zealously as his member.

  • And you sucked everyone?
  • Oh … Yes, almost everyone! … Not so fast, sun !! – He started fucking more and more actively, or rather even tore me up, hearing my words.
  • And from whom did you … give birth to your daughter .., Diana? Do you know who … her father ?!
  • Yes I know! Our stepfather !! AAaaaAa !!
  • Bitch!

He pulled out a member, turned me around, placing me on the bed. He was on top again and again worked like a jackhammer. His moans, his semen once again appeared in me.

He lay down next to him, breathing heavily …

Before falling asleep, I heard him say “I love you!” and mentally in response sent him “Only when you fuck with me?”

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