The long-awaited exit from the friend zone. Part 1

My name is Kirill, I am 29, I am of average height, completely normal appearance.

The story that I want to tell began several years ago, I sat and swiped different girls, some to the left, some to the right. For another unremarkable time, I stumbled upon something worthwhile. Vika is a short girl with an excellent figure, a beautiful face with big eyes and full lips immediately made me focus and eagerly dig into every photo. Of course, with a sinking heart, I swiped to the right and lo and behold, we got a coincidence.

I won’t bore you for a long time with the details of our full acquaintance. After a certain number of meetings, I was in love, and she was a tough friend of me, and after a while, we really became friends and really there was no question of any possible romantic relationship. When we saw each other somewhere or got together together or with a company, we communicated as friends, but of course I always wanted much more from her. I especially liked her plump (natural) lips. They were not huge, but on the contrary, her desired mouth seemed very small and at times I caught myself thinking about how I put my penis to these lips.

She was such a person that calmly, completely unexpectedly and not planned, she could call and say, let’s go and have coffee. Sometimes I walked, sometimes due to circumstances not. For several years, we have made many mutual friends, and one of these friends was having a get-together at his apartment. Vika was also invited, but as always she disappeared somewhere and showed up in the middle of the evening. We played mafia, there were a lot of people and I was quickly killed and I got up from the table, leaving. Just at that moment, Vika arrived, I opened the door for her, in general, everything was as it should be. Vika and I watched the game, talked, laughed and after some time decided to go out into the entrance so that she could smoke. She walked in front, so I could get a good look at her, a short leather dress was worn over a turtleneck, black tights, of course autumn is in the yard. Vicki didn’t have the biggest breasts, no more, but an absolutely attractive ass.

When we went to the landing and moved to the balcony, she said that she knew why I was killed, that everything was written on my face. I was indignant and we had fun arguing. I suggested to her:

If you know what I think about, then go ahead – tell me what now?

At that moment, I looked at her face and especially at her lips. Trying to make the most innocent face in the world, I felt that some kind of excitement was beginning below. Vika, slightly screwing up her eyes, read my face. Looking into her face, I tried not to laugh at the same time and not think about how I want to jerk her down on her knees and free his penis to put it to her lips.

The pause dragged on … Finally, she said, a little more seriously:

Are you thinking about sex now? With me?

There was a moment in which I thought to laugh and say that of course not, but for some reason he quickly passed and I suddenly very sternly and with a serious look, answered shortly:


I read in books that there are some turning points in the relationship between a man and a woman, in unrequited love, but until that moment I had not experienced such moments myself, and meanwhile, he was just that.

After my answer, I took a step forward, and she instinctively back. Maybe she was right and really sees what I think and what I really want. I wanted her and apparently, at that moment I was mad. She took another step back, but I covered the distance separating us very quickly.

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