The long-awaited exit from the friend zone. Part 2

I grabbed the back of her head with my left hand and eagerly dug into her lips. It was incredible to feel the taste and volume of these plump delights that I have dreamed of for so long. I bitten my lower lip painfully and, having parted my lips, I pressed my left hand hard on her head, as if making it clear what I want from her. She resisted, said something, but she was no longer able to prevent me from getting what I want. With my right hand, I unbuckled the belt and finally freed my already almost standing member. Vika was on her knees on the cold driveway floor, and my dick was swinging at eye level. She started kicking with her hands, I slapped her in the face, it turned out very hard, taking advantage of her condition, I quickly sent my penis straight to my mouth. She did not take it, then I again already with my left hand, slapped her in the face, with my left hand, and she, out of indignation, apparently wanting to say something, opened her mouth and I passed the obstacle and entered her mouth. She almost choked, but I didn’t care, I grabbed her pigtail and just started fucking her mouth.

My excitement was so powerful that I did not think about anything or anyone, I fucked my good friend in the mouth right on the floor of the entrance, like some whore. After some time, I caught her submissiveness and took out a penis from my mouth, began to spank them all over her face, on her cheeks, drove around the circumference of her lips, without encountering resistance, I did what I wanted with her pretty face. I shoved her cock again and told her to suck. Surprisingly, she began to do it herself, at that moment I told her to look at me, she raised her eyes and I slapped her again, weaker than the first times, adding that she was a slut. I was beginning to feel that this situation was too fun and that I already wanted to cum, and therefore, pulling my penis out of my mouth, I lifted her from my knees and turned her face to the wall. She was still incredibly submissive, I lifted the dress, pulled off the tights and saw the black thong panties, I remember that at first I wanted to move them to the side, but then I decided to just lower them. I slapped both of her buns with my right hand, said to stick out her butt, she obeyed, I ran my hand over the coveted place and found that it was very humid there. Slap again.

Flowing, slut?

Slap again.

Answer me, bitch

Two flip flops. Her plush ass swayed in response to my blows. Unable to wait for her answer, I drove a member into her pleasant bosom. God, how narrow it was. How incredibly nice. I was ready to cum right away. I spread my legs wide and stepped back a little, as if pulling her towards myself with cancer, she rested her hands on the wall from my pushes. With each push, I felt more and more beautiful, but Vika did not seem to moan, it seems to me that she lost herself at that moment. Every second seemed to me the last, I was torn between the thrill and the need to decide where to end, but I did not want to decide anything and ask anyone anything, I felt a trembling in her body and then I decided to focus on myself, I felt her beautiful body in front of myself, I felt her in my power, and at that moment I forgot, because an orgasm came, I was ready to finish, I was already bent, I pumped and pumped, pouring my tight pussy over her juice …

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