Three girls at once

Tonight I did not want to go anywhere, although my friends called me to go to the club, but I decided that I would stay at home and watch a movie. I was about to make myself a cup of aromatic coffee and lie down on a cozy sofa when someone rang at the door. I reluctantly walked to the door and opened it. On the threshold stood three girls, my friends: Anya, Sveta and Olya, they were obviously tipsy.

  • Hello. We will not interfere with you, – without waiting for an answer, the girls entered my house. – Why are you so late? I asked. – We brought champagne here, we decided that you were home alone, you miss, – Anna muttered. – Yes, in principle, I did not get bored, I was just going to watch a movie. “So we’re on time,” Olga said.

While the girls were sitting down, I brought glasses and opened a box of chocolates. We turned on the movie, drank and began to enjoy watching. But soon I heard sweet groans, turning around, I could not believe my eyes. Sveta put her pen to Anya in her panties, and she, in turn, made pleasant sounds. The girls saw that this sight interested me more than what was happening on the TV screen. Olya also did not waste time and merged in a tender kiss with Anya. The girls kissed each other so passionately that I felt my friend get excited and hardened.

  • Girls, I’m all wet, – said Anya and immediately got up and began to undress. She took off her bra and two ripe melons seemed to fall out of it. Olga took her breasts in her hands and began to play with them. At that time, Sveta took off her panties from Ani and my eyes opened a shaved pussy that looked like a ripe peach. I was seized by the desire to go up to Anya and lick the juicy crack, but I restrained my impulse and watched the further actions of the girls. Sveta and Olya also hurried to undress and, teasing me with their charms, made lesbian love.

Anya sat down on the sofa, legs apart, Sveta got up with cancer and began to lick her hole, while she masturbated herself. Olya climbed onto the sofa and sat down with her hairy pussy on Anya’s face, who licked her swollen clitoris with her tongue. I was so turned on by the fact that the girls did not pay any attention to me. I felt that my fly was about to burst, so I took out my hard cock and began to masturbate, looking at the girls. They, in turn, changed their position, and now Sveta was lying on the sofa, spread her legs, and both girls licked her crack, from which the liquid flowed like a river. To tease me even more, the girls began to push Sveta’s pussy lips in different directions, thereby showing all the beauty and charm of the pussy. I could no longer endure, I was driven by one desire and lust to take possession of these girls, who so unceremoniously boasted of their charms. I got up from the chair and was about to get inside Sveta’s hole, when suddenly my penis came across something soft and warm. It was Anya’s mouth, she so skillfully gave me a blowjob that I almost finished, but still managed to restrain my emotions.

  • First we need to lick it well, – whispered in my ear Olya. I was fully confident that the girls would allow me to penetrate them, because I was registered on the x-registar website, which means that they knew that I did not have sexually transmitted diseases. The three girls lay down on the sofa, and I began to “process” their pussies. While I was licking Olya’s hole, I masturbated Sveta’s clitoris with my finger, they moaned with pleasure. “Now you can punish us well,” Anya said in an imperious voice. She got up with cancer and spread her buttocks with her hands, her hole beckoned me to her and I stuck my penis into her. Olya, meanwhile, put her slit to Anya’s mouth and she began to lick her passionately. And Sveta sat down closer to us and guided our process: she took my penis out of Ani’s vagina and passionately sucked it, and then ran her tongue along Ani’s holes and pushed it back into place. Then my girls changed places and I punished them in turn. – Shove it in my ass, – asked Sveta. I was not at all against such an action, and my dick penetrated into a tight hole. I saw Anya crawl through the bottom and began to lick Sveta’s slit. Her tongue covered the entire territory and touched my balls, this action made me feel very pleasant and after a few minutes I finished without removing my penis. As soon as I finished and pulled out my friend, the girls began to lick Sveta’s ass. They tried to make sure that nobody’s pussy was left without attention. Olya’s fingers “worked” in Anya’s hole and vice versa. Thus, the girls soon got their orgasms and collapsed on the sofa, exhausted. We lay in complete silence for half an hour, then I offered them hot tea.

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