Torture for non-reciprocal love. Part 1

Angela was in love with her friend, but did not dare to say about it. She knew that Diana had a loved one. They rarely talked with Diana, but every meeting, every call excited Angela’s quivering flesh. Diana’s mesmerizing voice excited Angela immensely.

Angela was a rather calm girl, but then her fury grew. She is used to achieving what she wants by any means. Tenderness for her friend bordered on the cruelty that was inherent in Angela. Now she longed for Diana’s fresh blood, longed to see her torment …

The surrounding people have long told Angela that there is something unearthly in her. Angela herself associated herself with the mythical creature estri, who drinks the blood of a partner during intercourse with mortals.

Finally, there was a case that Angela had been waiting for. A friend needed a consultation. She invited Diana to visit. Angela carefully prepared for the meeting.

When Diana arrived, Angela showed no sign of her excitement. And her hand did not flinch when she poured sleeping pills into her friend’s mug. Angela returned to the living room. They talked sweetly, but Diana began to feel sleepy. She could not understand what was happening to her. Suddenly she felt, as in a fog, that her hands and feet were being tied. Then she fell asleep.

The awakening was unusual. There was a certain heaviness throughout the body and all joints ached. Finally opening her eyes, she realized that she was crucified on a huge iron triangle. She was still in Angela’s room. But now the room has changed. Candles burned everywhere on candlesticks shaped like skulls. The entire room was flooded with red light, and the shadows cast by objects took bizarre shapes. Angela herself was not in the room. Diana could not scream as her mouth was sealed.

Carried away by looking at the room, Diana realized only now that she was wearing only panties, which did not hide, however, her pubic hair and pink lips. She fluttered like a bird in a cage, but not that to escape, she did not even manage to loosen the fetters. And then Angela came in. She was simply unrecognizable in her outfit. She changed her dress pants and blouse to a black leather miniskirt

seductively tight-fitting her ass, and a black leather bodice. On his feet were stockings and black pointed-toed shoes with thin stilettos. She let her long red hair down, and now it fell beautifully on her chest, barely covered by the bodice.

Angela walked over to Diana and ran her hand over her chest. The nipples responded to her touch, hardening. Angela noted to herself that Diana has a wonderful figure. After reading the dumb question in her friend’s eyes, Angela replied:

  • Do you want to know what all this means? … I will answer you. But you will be silent. I don’t want the neighbors to hear your screams. I gave you sleeping pills to undress and tie you up without any problems. I want to punish you for your pride.

Having said this, she took one candle and brought it to Diana’s chest. Diana felt the glow from the candle. Angela brought the candle closer. The heat was becoming unbearable. The flames seemed to be trying to lick the protruding nipple. Angela held the candle higher and tilted it. Hot wax dripped onto Diana’s chest. She threw her head back in a silent scream. The wax painfully burned the chest, and at that moment it seemed that torture could not be worse. How deeply she was mistaken …

Angela moved a candle over Diana’s chest, and the wax kept dripping and dripping, freezing on her chest with dark spots. Angela brushed off the last of the wax and licked the burned area, feeling the warmth from the wax. It seemed to Diana that thousands of small needles, which were on the tip of Angela’s tongue, had stuck into her. Angela put the candle back and opened the cabinet door. Seeing the whip in the hands of her friend, Diana sank. She realized what would happen next …

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