Torture for non-reciprocal love. Part 2

Approaching Diana, Angela swung and stabbed her across the belly. Diana jerked, but the ropes with which she was tied were taut, and the pain from the blow was added to the pain from the ropes cutting into her wrists. Angela struck another blow. Diana groaned in unbearable pain. Now Angela went behind Diana’s back. The whip cut through the air again, and a blood-red streak appeared on the back. Tears came from Diana’s eyes. She no longer thought about anything, there was only this merciless whip and PAIN. Terrible pain. She was already fainting and regaining consciousness from the blows of the whip.

Angela continued to torture her friend, now with ambivalent feelings. On the one hand, she felt sorry for Diana, but on the other … On the other hand, the devil of her essence forced her to swing the whip again and again. Unable to contain herself, Angela bent down and touched her lips to the fresh wounds. The taste and smell of fresh blood intoxicated her, and she began kissing Diana’s tortured back, trying to suck as much blood as possible.

At first, Diana did not even realize that the torture was over. She opened her eyes and saw Angela in front of her. On the lips and neck of her friend, Diana saw the remains of dried blood. Angela tore the tape from her friend’s lips. But the exhausted Diana did not even have the strength to scream. A tired groan escaped her lips. For some reason, this low moan pity Angela. She went to Diana and, without a word, kissed her.

Diana herself did not expect from herself, but her panties began to get wet against her will, and she responded to her friend’s kiss. Angela, without taking her lips off Diana, pulled on a rope, and the ropes that held the captive weakened. The legs of Diana, who did not expect this, buckled, and she fell directly into Angela’s arms. Angela grabbed her, and Diana, in order not to fall, grabbed her by the shoulders. Angela, hugging her friend, slowly led her to the bed …

Diana did not resist, completely exhausted after the torture. Angela put her on the bed, covering her face with kisses. She accurately identified erogenous places, giving gentle caresses to each of them. Angela turned Diana around without meeting any resistance from her. Angela dreamed about it for so long … Turning her friend onto her back, she began kissing the wounds inflicted by her, going crazy with desire. Diana was no longer so unpleasant to touch her wounds, but she remained indifferent until Angela kissed her buttocks. It always turned on Diana. She felt a small wave of desire, originating somewhere below and growing more and more with each kiss Angela. When Angela ran her hand over her friend’s panties, Diana could no longer contain herself and groaned. The panties were already wet through.

Excited flesh of Diana demanded a release, and Angela, as if reading her thoughts, introduced her finger into her friend’s bosom. Diana caved in and moaned even louder than the first. Angela had a crazy idea. Waving her finger in the innermost depths of her friend, she suddenly stopped petting. To Diana, who was already close to orgasm, this torture seemed more painful than before. She looked at Angela and her gaze expressed bewilderment, mixed with resentment and hatred. Angela, with a mocking smile, said:

  • And now I want you to caress yourself! You want to cum, right? ..

Diana was confused. She had never fondled herself in front of another person before. Moreover, the girls, her friends. But the lower abdomen burned unbearably … Diana decided that after everything that had happened there was nothing to lose and hesitantly put her hand into her panties.

  • No, that will not do. Take off your panties. I want to see it, ”came Angela’s voice.

Diana began to slowly pull off her panties. Angela glared impatiently at the gradually bare pink slit.

  • Come on, – encouraged her friend Angela.

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