Tough competition. Part 1

Recovering after some time, Anna tried to move, but realized that she could not do it. Shaking her head, she realized that she was tightly tied with her stomach, arms and legs to the gymnastic horse, which was standing in the back room. Anna realized that she was wearing clothes, but felt that her sweatpants were torn at the back, panties were pushed to the side, and pain in the vagina suggests that there was clearly some object there. Anna wanted to scream, but her mouth was tightly covered with several layers of tape, so she only managed to muffle it quietly. Nika entered the utility room and locked the door.

  • Hello again, chubby whore!
  • Have you already enjoyed your new position?
  • I tied you tightly, and cut your pants from behind with scissors and pushed your stinking panties, and inserted a dildo into your sweaty pussy. I hope you are not offended, mediocre auntie?
  • I’ve already taken some pictures of you and your dildo hole. So, the entire teaching staff of the school will be very happy to see you in all your glory and what are you doing here after class, fat-ass aunt, ha-ha!
  • You understand that all your excuses will not work, and you will simply be fired without the right to be reinstated. Therefore, you must now do what I say. Got it, stupid whore?

Anna hung for a while in some kind of prostration, but realizing the whole essence of her situation, she nodded her head reluctantly. Nika smiled, went to one of the shelves and pulled something out of the box. The next moment, Nika turned to Anna and she, to her horror, saw a small pink strap-on fastened to her sports shorts.

  • Now we will open your mouth, whore. But if you want to scream, I’ll glue it up so that your eyes pop out of your sockets. And I will beat you so that for a month you will not recognize yourself in front of the mirror.

Anna again nodded her head reluctantly. Tearing off the scotch tape from Anya’s mouth, Nika immediately gagged it with her hand.

  • Shh! Make no noise, be a good girl and leave here today by yourself.

Seeing Anya’s nod, Nika removed her hand and put a strap-on to the woman’s mouth.

  • Now take it in your mouth and suck it, my whore! You’ve been a naughty bitch all this time, now it’s time to punish you!

Pushing the strap-on to Anna’s mouth, Nika began slowly at first, then rhythmically to fuck the woman there. At the same time, the girl filmed everything that was happening on the phone and took a photo of Anna with a strapon in her mouth. Anna obediently sucked and smacked her lips slightly, because Nika told her so. Humiliation and rage literally tore Anna apart, but she could do nothing against a young, dexterous, strong and successful competitor. Moreover, she was tied hand and foot.

  • Suck deeper, bitch, try! Then you will thank me again. And I suppose such a chubby villain hasn’t had a guy for a long time!

For the next five minutes, Nika literally pounded Anya’s mouth, holding the woman with both hands behind her head and calling her as she wanted. Anna, every now and then, sobbed but endured bullying. Drool dripped from her mouth, and tears flowed from her eyes. Tears of humiliation and outright lost battle.
After the girl finished fucking Anna in the mouth, she moved back and took the dildo out of the woman’s vagina.

  • And now I’ll fuck you in pussy, whore!

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