Tough competition. Part 2

Nika settled down to the tied Anna on a gymnastic horse from behind and gently entered her vagina with a strap-on. Anya felt now sharp, now soft shocks inside herself. Nika clearly enjoyed the process, while managing to make juicy shots on the phone. There was a smell of sex in the back room … The picture was the same – a young pumped up dance leader in short red sports shorts strapon in the back room tied to a gymnastic horse her adult plump competitor in blue sweatpants, and she hums through a gag inserted in her mouth and jerks funny in time to the movements the girl’s strapon in her vagina.

  • What an obedient whore you are! And, most importantly, what cool pictures turned out, just super!
  • And now I want to fuck you in the ass, cow! To my surprise, it is not printed on your paper, I saw it. So, I’ll be the first to do it!

Before Anna had time to move away from fucking in the vagina, she felt that Nika was already lubricating her tight anus with cream and penetrating there with her finger. Then two, three … From the pain and itching in the ass, the woman moaned again through the gag. To which Nika only laughed mockingly.

“Now let’s check your shriveled old ass for strength, cow!

With these words, Nika began, slightly pressing, to penetrate the woman’s anus. The tight ring gave in, and Nicky’s strapon gently entered Anya’s ass.

  • Be patient, whore! You will hum loudly, I will finish you right here!

Of course, the woman moaned from pain, but she tried to endure that she had the strength. Nika was adamant. She, by all means, wanted to humiliate her unlucky competitor. She just waited for the pain in the woman’s anus to subside slightly and it would be possible to start frictions with a strapon. After ten minutes of almost motionless sitting, Nick began to move rhythmically, literally gouging Anna’s already pliable anus.

  • I have long wanted to dance with you, auntie! How do you like this dance when my strap is in your ass? And you are such a mediocre cow that all the girls left you for me!
  • Do you like it when such a girl fucks you? Say, cow, that you like it very much. when a girl like me strapones you! Talk, bitch!

Nika painfully pulled Anna by the hair. literally forcing her to squeeze out an answer.

  • I really like it when a girl like you fucks me! Really like!
  • Here, and clever, good girl! I just filmed this moment on video! So now you’re hit, cow!

But Anna didn’t care anymore. She was waiting for this whole nightmare to end.

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