Tough competition. Part 3

Nika literally enjoyed the process. Sure. Now the girl, easily and simply defeating her more experienced rival in battle, literally fucked her with a strapon in the ass, and she humiliatedly, with all the annoyance of the losing woman, sniffled and bellowed, accepting everything that a young and beautiful winner in such hated short sports shorts.
The scent of sex filled the back room with renewed vigor. After half an hour of fucking Anya’s ass, Nika carefully took out the strap-on oozing secretions from her with a banging sound, unfastened it and put it in her gym bag. Sitting on a gymnastic horse in front directly to the woman’s face, Nika pressed tightly to her mouth and nose with her pussy right in her shorts and tightly grabbed Anya’s head with her powerful hips.

“Did you ever say, whore, that you hate my cool shorts?” Now it’s time to sniff them out and lick them off, you mediocre cow! You will also give me pleasure! Be an obedient bitch, suck your shorts and sniff pussy! Hee hee …

Anna had to stick out her tongue and obediently lick Nika’s pussy through the shorts, sucking them with her mouth. 15 minutes after the intense excitement from everything she experienced that evening, Nika grabbed her fingers into the woman’s hair and finished … In Anna’s mouth, nose and eyes, a discharge went right through the fabric of Nika’s satin shorts, which Nika immediately ordered to completely lick and swallow. Naturally, all this was also filmed by the girl on the phone.
For the next 20 minutes, Anna, still tied, watched as Nika changed and cleaned herself up after intense sex. Taking off her red shorts, a top and sneakers and putting them in her bag, Nika put on a stylish short dark dress with polka dots and bright blue high-heeled sandals.

  • Hmm, let’s see how my heel enters your ass, whore!

With sniper accuracy, the girl lifted her leg and inserted the heel of one of her sandals directly into Anya’s anus, making the woman twitch in surprise. – Well, very cute!

Taking out the heel and from Anya’s ass and rubbing it on her sports shoes, Nika stood right in front of Anna so that her bare powerful legs and sexy outfit could be seen again. Untied the woman’s hands, she looked into her eyes.

  • Now listen, mediocre cow! Tomorrow you are writing a letter of resignation of your own free will, so that no one else can see you here, auntie. Otherwise, all the pictures and videos where you are the main character will be seen by those who kick you out of here like a sweaty whore, okay? But don’t forget, I still haven’t decided what to do with you. I have your phone number now, don’t try to change the number. I hope you understand everything. And I went to study with my beloved man. All ciao, slut!

Clinking her heels and wagging her hips, Nika came out of the back room. Anna was left alone. Not so long ago, she was determined and strong, and now she was beaten and humiliated, crumpled and fucked …

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