Train romance

When I was 25, I worked as a train conductor. Trips to Germany, Poland. I had a girlfriend at home, but on the flight for several days. Masturbation is of course easy and pleasant, but I wanted more. Somehow two girls come to see me in Berlin, into the carriage, 19 years old. I immediately noticed one, short, but a beautiful figure, and a face like from a student TV series. Dark hair, fine chemicals. When I saw her, I immediately wanted to get into her panties. They settled in a compartment, and the train started. I collected tickets, completed the documentation, and decided to drop in to visit the girls. I went in and started meaningless conversations about life in Germany. I learned that a girl from the city of Orsha, and was visiting relatives, she is 20 years old, Natasha. We sit, talk, her friend leaves the compartment, and then I wanted to kiss my neighbor so much that I do it quickly and decisively, as if she were my wife.

I just lean towards her, and insistently begin to kiss her on the lips. Now I usually do it more smoothly with women, kissing at the beginning on the neck, or near the ear, for a start. Then I was just an impudent person.

The girl unexpectedly answered me with a passionate kiss in return. Our lips took it for granted. We kissed passionately, and very exciting. I touched her breasts. There were tight boobs with hard nipples. So we kissed for about 10 minutes, it was fantastic. Her neighbor looked in, but when she saw us she remained standing in the corridor. I called my girlfriend into my compartment, and there we continued. Our lips merged again in a kiss. I lay down on the bed – a carriage shelf, and put the girl on top of me, and we kissed. It was so exciting. We were in clothes, but our bodies touched each other and the touch of our lips gave such a sexual charge that we continued it for a very long time. The girl was like a sexy cat. There are women slightly passive, there are very passive. This same nymph merged with me in a kiss, and pressing her whole body, gave me great pleasure. My cock stood like a hammer. At some point, my partner looked into the compartment, and seeing us understandingly closed the door, leaving. We continued our caresses and kisses. I’m downstairs, Natasha is on top of me, and I stroke her back, ass. Then I put Natasha next to me, take off her sweater, and start kissing her breasts, nipples. Then again I move to the lips, and caress her breast, wrinkle with my hand.

This went on for a long time. Sometimes we took a break. Natasha went to smoke or pee.

And then she returned to me, and again the kissing passionately, and caressing her breasts.

I offered Natasha to have sex. But to my surprise, she said it was too early.

And we continued kissing, lying side by side. Then I take her hand and put it on my penis, she does not remove it.

I unbutton my pants and put her hand in my panties, put Natasha’s pen on my penis, on top of mine, and start moving up and down, then I remove mine, and Natasha’s fingers continue to squeeze my penis and move along it. How nice it is to feel and understand that the girl responds to your desires. A few hours ago, I did not know this girl, I never saw her, but now I kiss her lips, wrinkle her breasts, and her fingers squeeze my penis and move so nicely along it. But I’m not wasting my time either. With my left hand, I quickly unbutton the button on Natasha’s jeans, the zipper down and my hand in her panties.

Natasha grabs mine with her hand, preventing me from reaching her cave, but I kiss her on the lips even harder, pulling her with my right hand towards me, and with my left I begin to move towards her pleasant crack, overcoming Natasha’s resistance. Natasha resists, tries to hold my hand. I do cunningly move a little along her pubis and stop, continuing to kiss her lips, Natasha relaxes, and I go forward again, and at some point, I make the last pressure with my hand, and my fingers plunge into her vagina, Natasha sighs and gives up, she so wanted to save it for later, as her mother and grandmother probably taught, not to give herself up to a man right away. And Natasha’s cave is so wet. My fingers were in Natasha’s pleasant wet pussy. I kiss her lips, her handle pokes my cock, and my fingers explore her narrow burrow. I stroke the lips of her vagina, insert one finger into it first, then another, caress the walls of her pussy. Natasha is breathing heavily, driving her pen along my trunk, I tell her faster. She speeds up the movement, I bite a kiss into her lips and finish, pouring sperm over her hand and my stomach. We continue to kiss. What are her lips, even after orgasm, I can not tear myself away from them. Natasha removes her fingers from my penis, but I return her pen, and Natasha starts stroking the head, testicles, slowly exploring.

Under her fingers, my cock is hard again and ready to fight. I kiss Natasha’s lips and begin to smoothly take off her jeans, Natasha lifts her ass, and the jeans are already below, a couple of movements, and she remains in her panties. A little more, and the panties are nearby. I examine her clean-shaven pussy. Natasha says – well, you are a sly one. I only thought I would kiss you, but how far we have gone. Without answering, I put my finger on her clitoris, and begin to caress and whole breasts. Natasha, spreads her legs wider, and relaxed back on the pillow. I continue to kiss her nipples, periodically insert her finger into her vagina, and caress the clitoris, so she begins to arch her back, with difficulty holding back a moan. her body begins to tremble. and Natasha ends, shuddering and squeezing my hand with her feet. I spread the legs of the girl and insert the penis into her pussy, at first a little bit, playing like this, then to the full length, Natasha sighs, and grabs me with her arms, clutching me to her. I start to fuck, feeling her narrow hole with a member. I kiss Natasha’s chest and lips. Natasha’s pussy is wet and squelching. My cock is in her lubricant, and so is my pubis. Having fucked like that for about 10 minutes, I put Natasha in cancer and go in, sometimes I start pounding, slapping on the ass. Then I stop, and Natasha herself begins to sit on the penis, moving her ass back, and I examine the hole in her ass, and think it would be good to fuck her there. I take a little of her lubricant and lubricate Natasha’s anus. Holding on to the girl’s ass, I leave the vagina and put the penis to the ass.

My penis is not very thick, but long, the girls sometimes complained that it hurts against the uterus. And now the head of the penis slips into Natasha’s ass. And it’s so nice, cramped there. Gradually I move, and now I touch the girl’s ass with my hips. I begin to move in it, slowly at first, then faster. Listening to the sensations. Natasha begins to moan, burying herself in the pillow. I understand – he is ashamed of what other passengers will hear. It turns out she loves it, a dick in the ass. I start to move faster, putting Natasha’s ass on the penis, lower my hand down and caress her clitoris. Then again I fuck Natasha, wrinkle her breasts, and she herself is already caressing the clitoris. I feel Natasha begins to shake in orgasm and continue to plant it in her ass. And now a wave rolls up to me too, a huge penis, and they shoot into Natasha’s narrow hole. I cum inside her, tightly hugging the girl’s ass.
And we lie there, exhausted. Then I get out of the ass, and kiss Natasha on the lips. She gratefully replies with a passionate kiss. But a little brooding. She tells me – she didn’t want to tell you, a guy is waiting for me at home, and I didn’t think. what happens. I hugged Natasha, and I say, as a joke, well, you didn’t give me a blowjob, but it’s so intimate, it means that you are faithful to your boyfriend in something. Natasha laughed, and answered, it’s not over yet, write down the phone number.

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