Trip to St. Petersburg

The insipid life of the three of us quickly got bored, Olga, although she was happy to give herself to us in a shared bed, but felt that some kind of shake-up was needed, and I wanted new experiences. And then our swinger friends from St. Petersburg called me at the right time, we have not seen each other for a long time and the guys are very sexy and big inventors. Mikhail and Inga, whom we met in Gelendzhik and spent many voluptuous minutes, invited us to their dacha for several days, which was located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland.

I warned that the three of us would come, to which Inga reacted very positively. Without hesitation, we took tickets for the night train and in the morning we were met by Mikhail on a luxurious Land Rover, we rolled into their mansion. Inga became even more beautiful and appetizing, her forty-something years old, she was only painted, fit, with big breasts and an appetizing ass, she was just good, and Mikhail, who was about fifty years old, looked very gorgeous, moderately well-fed, moderately pumped up, with noble gray hair on his temples, he looked more like an English dandy than a middle-class businessman. After kissing us, they met with interest our Seryozha, who was apparently a little embarrassed. Inga laid a gorgeous table and we drank with pleasure, had a snack, shared stories about our adventures.

I was sitting next to the hostess, Mikhail and Olga, and Sergei was sitting at a distance alone. Inga put me food and touched me with her breasts, which were not tied in a bra, which made me very excited. The usual St. Petersburg August rain began and we went to the fireplace. I sat down in a chair, and Inga sat down on my lap, I whispered into her charming ear that she was delicious, and Mikhail moved on to the caresses of my whore wife, kissing her passionately and fingering the nipples of her small breasts. Sergei watching us, apparently seriously aroused and Inga and I called him to her. I opened her thin blouse and opened up to us a magnificent chiseled breasts with amazing nipples, we started kissing them and they increased every second, becoming longer and more seductive.

At this time, Mikhail retired with Olga and we began to act more decisively, of course, there were no panties under Inga’s short skirt, I spread her legs over the arms of the chair and showed Seryozha what to do, he reacted instantly and began kissing her vagina passionately, I continued to caress her gorgeous breasts, straightening his cock out of his jeans. Seryozha reacted instantly, switching one by one to my penis, then to Inga’s beautiful pussy, to which she reacted with a breathtaking orgasm. The sobs of my wife were heard in the next room. I sent our boy to help Mikhail, and Inga and I, having thrown off all our clothes, enjoyed each other’s bodies, her neat vagina opened in front of my tongue and I sucked her magnificent clitoris with pleasure. We combined while standing, my penis entered her like a sword, the magnificent upper position of her pussy allowed me to do this without any difficulty. My head drilled into her uterus and she had another amazing orgasm.

I felt that I would finish and after asking permission I sat down in it. He finished long and violently, feeling how her uterus was filling and contracting from voluptuousness. Sitting her in a chair and spreading her legs wide, I kissed her current pussy passionately, trying to thank her for the pleasure with another orgasm, and he did not keep himself waiting long. From the next room my wife came out with absolutely mad eyes and quickly merged in a long kiss with Inga, who reciprocated her. Leaving the women, I went to Michael and found our Seryozha standing in front of him on his knees and doing a blowjob. Mikhail’s beautiful and huge member was almost ready for the next feats and I began to watch them with pleasure.

Taking the cream from the bedside table, Mikhail thickly lubricated his penis and putting the boy with cancer, he abruptly entered it to the end and without making any movements gave his ass to get used to, after which he began long frictions, going out and entering it with sharp blows. I went up to them and began to poddrachivat Sergey’s fallen member, from my caresses he began to rise, and the blows of his counterpart became sharper and stronger. Inga came in and sat down on the bed, watching her husband began to masturbate, her magnificent breasts heaved and her finger massaged the clitoris. I decided to help her and my tongue entered her softened and flowing vagina, I felt this voluptuous woman, her flesh needed intercourse and I responded by entering her, her pussy pulled my penis into an immense pool of lust.

Then Mikhail cried out, apparently erupting semen into Seryozha’s rectum. I turned around and saw Seryozha with a standing member and freed the vagina, giving way in this pool of lust, which he immediately took advantage of by starting wild frictions. He finished quickly, it was time for me to work on his ass. My penis was lubricated with Inga’s juices, and his ass was even better lubricated with Mikhail’s sperm, and I, without bothering, thrust my penis into him and with a few strokes put the final chord by lowering the remaining sperm into his rectum. Everyone was in awe of the amazing sex. I went to sleep separately from Inga, and Mikhail and Sergey with my wife

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    Dirty russian slut

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    В питере трахаться, где же еще. Бордель а не город

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