Two girls on the coast. Part 1

Having sunbathed a little on the shore, the young girls decided to go swimming in the sea. Completely naked, they got up and one by one walked towards the water, from which they were separated by a wide strip of wet sand …

Both girls looked very beautiful against the backdrop of the coast … Both were twenty years old, both were slender and tall, with very feminine figures … Zhenya, the girl walking in front, had by nature very beautiful blonde straight hair that reached her a little below the shoulders, and giving her face a sweet, slightly trusting expression. Katya wore a shorter haircut, which, in addition to her dark hair and blue eyes, added a touch of cockiness to her look.

After walking a few meters, Zhenya noticed that the sand under her feet became very soft and it was difficult to walk on it – her legs sank deeply into it and got stuck, making each step more difficult than the previous one. But she did not attach any importance to this and continued to walk – no more than twenty meters remained to the water. Suddenly, having taken another step, Zhenya’s right leg fell into the sand just above the knee … Zhenya jerked her leg up, but her left leg, on which she was leaning, also fell into a cool slurry of sand and water … For a few moments Zhenya tried to free stuck legs, leaning now on one, then on the other, but very soon I realized that this way only seriously complicated her situation – now the sand reached her mid-thighs ..

  • Is everything all right? – Asked, Katya, lagging behind a few meters, when she saw the blonde trying in vain to free herself, jerking one leg, then the other.
  • I’m stuck! I can’t get my feet out of the sand, help me … Just be careful, you don’t fail!

Katya slowly, cautiously approached her friend, most of all fearing to get stuck herself, because in which case the girls had no one to help – the beach was absolutely deserted. With each step, she felt her slender legs sink deeper into the viscous slurry, but she did not stop – her friend needed help.

Katya almost caught up with Zhenya and the girls were at arm’s length from each other …

  • Take my hand, I will pull you out – said Katya.

The girls took the hand and Katya pulled her friend to her with force. Nothing worked – Zhenya’s legs got stuck too deep and wet, dense sand did not want to let them go a centimeter …

  • Wait, I’ll come from the other side – Katya tried to move, but immediately realized that while she was pulling her friend, her own legs sank too deep into the treacherous sand … Katya reacted quickly – without trying to shift from foot to foot, she leaned back and lay with her back on the wet sand, spreading her arms wide. Ten or twenty minutes later, alternately moving her legs, writhing in the viscous sand, the brunette was finally able to free herself, however, having spent almost all her strength on it …

The position of the blonde during this time worsened – it seems that the girl was slowly but surely drowning in quicksand – now her legs were stuck even deeper and the dirt reached her almost to her crotch, in sharp contrast to the fair skin of her thighs. Katya realized that walking can be dangerous, so she did not get up, but turned over on her stomach and crawled closer to Zhenya.

  • You’re bogged down in the sand! Put your hands on my back, I’ll try to dig a hole around your legs …

Lying on her stomach, legs spread wide so as not to get bogged down herself, and leaning her left hand on the sand, Katya began to dig her friend’s legs with her right hand. Zhenya leaned on Katya’s back with one hand, with the other she also began to help … It was very difficult to dig – the sand on the surface was mixed with water and constantly filled the cleared space, and they had to dig with their bare hands. It was especially difficult for the brunette – in order to free her friend, she had to dig almost with her head in this slurry, her friend leaned on her, pressing the brunette’s chest into the dirt, in addition, her soiled face was now in the immediate vicinity of her friend’s vagina, which gave the situation an erotic shade. The girls did not give up, realizing that this was the only chance to get out of here.

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