Two girls on the coast. Part 4

For the next hour, the girls hardly exchanged words. Zhenya felt terribly uncomfortable every time she looked at her friend whom she had recently humiliated. Katya tried not to think about anything – her own excitement, which she experienced from the fact that her friend “abused” her, was for her something wild, unacceptable, but irresistible.

  • Wait – I’ll try to pull my leg out – said Zhenya after a while, when the girls managed to dig a hole up to her knee.

Katya stretched her free hand in front of her to increase the area of ​​support, and Zhenya with all her strength rested her foot on her back and pushed off. After a few minutes, they succeeded – Zhenya, with difficulty, was able to free the other leg. The feeling of new-found freedom overwhelmed her and she hastened to help her friend …

Zhenya carefully lay down on the sand next to Katya and began with all her might to dig a hole around her stuck hand. Katya helped her as best she could, and after half an hour she was able to free herself.

Very carefully, crawling, the friends overcame the quicksand and ended up at the place where their belongings were.

  • Perhaps for today a beach holiday is enough – Zhenya said with a smile.
  • Wait – you need to at least wash your face from this dirt … I still have a smack in my mouth … – Katya did not finish, but Zhenya understood what she was talking about.
  • Excuse me … I can imagine what it was like for you – Zhenya said in a quiet voice, once again ashamed of her act.

After a short pause, the brunette did something that Zhenya had never expected – she persistently knocked her down on the sand and turned her onto her back. The next moment she grabbed the blonde by the hair, turned her face up and sat on her face with her crotch, and then began to write, making sure that the stream of urine fell only on the face and mouth of her friend …

“What, did you like it when you made me drink urine there, in this mud? When you sent the jet straight into my face! I know you did it on purpose, took advantage of the fact that I can’t even step back! You liked to press me with your feet, so that I could not tear my face off … – Katya hesitated – Damn pervert!

The brunette got off the blonde and gave up …

  • At that moment, most of all I wanted to be in your place! Wallowing face in the mud in front of you, when you lean, press me down with your foot and … humiliate me – Zhenya found the last word with difficulty – almost as you did now!
  • You like it yourself? – Zhenya asked timidly – It seemed to me that there, in the sand, you deliberately did not close your mouth and did not even spit … And you did not take your eyes off my vagina all the time, I saw your look …
  • Yes … – At that moment, Katya realized what a pervert she herself is.

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