Two ladies and their lover. Part 1

We were at the club that night, having fun, drinking a little, and looking for him. Someone who will make this evening even better. And we are me, Nina, and she, Marina, my favorite creature. We have been together for almost 12 years, since the end of the fifth year of the university, and our love not only did not subside, but even grows every day. Before meeting each other, we met exclusively with the guys. No, we weren’t whores, but we loved sex, those five or six guys in our life were just delighted. But at that student party years ago, we drank, drank a lot. And they woke up in my room, in my bed, completely naked. Our lips were puffy and they still didn’t taste like our pussies. And our pussies still kept all the moisture that we gave. And how our bodies were pleasantly drawn. This only happened after very good sex.

Therefore, we knew exactly what happened, even despite the terrible hangover. For almost a month we avoided each other, although we wanted to see each other in secret. Memories of that night, no, not memories, they were not, those sensations in the morning, excited our imagination. Every night we were given self-satisfaction, trying to catch at least a fraction of those beautiful moments that we did not remember. All this time we could not think of anything other than this. The guys ceased to interest us, there were only her and me, me and her! And our meeting happened, by chance, of course, but since then we have been together, and only together.

But on my way back to the club, I found him. Young guy at the bar. Who was currently flirting with some girl. And in order not to lose it, I sent Marina to him. She is smart and beautiful, so the boy pecked very quickly. And now, after half an hour, he was taking my beloved to our home, and I followed. This couple burst into us like real lovers, kissing and undressing on the go, leaving a path of clothes all the way to the bedroom, our bedroom. And already there, he almost immediately found himself on it, and in it, and so moved, so moved.

While they were giving passion there, I quietly entered our house, and went to them, on the way collecting all their clothes, and putting them in the closet. And a few minutes later I was already standing in the doorway of our beloved bedroom. And there naturally they are. Max worked with might and main with his hips, driving his considerable dick into Marina’s neat bosom. Oh, and how his testicles swayed, how they swayed. And how my beloved moaned under him, that I involuntarily admired it, and my own kitty began to itch and cry a little.

After admiring a couple of minutes, I went to them. Approaching the dense one, she stood behind Max. From what he was frightened, and so drove into Marina that she finished, in other matters, like him. If, of course, to judge by how tense his back, to which I pressed myself. But this is not all I did, I also grabbed his testicles with my palm, and squeezed them a little, as if milking out a little more seed from them, for myself and my beloved.

But contrary to my expectations, Max stopped fucking Marina, because he froze. Apparently I scared him a little more than I wanted. Although I also knew how to bring him back to life. For what she whispered in his ear, a couple of phrases. Something like the following. Give her pleasure, or I’ll rip your balls off. For persuasiveness, squeeze the balls harder. Then she added. But if you give my beloved, the pleasure that she desires, and the pleasure that she deserves, and you will completely empty your balls into her bosom. Then you can do it with me too, or even with both dreams.

My words clearly frightened him, and at the same time encouraged him. Yes, how encouraged. A member that a couple of moments ago was sluggish, it jumped up, and again stuck into the hole of my beloved. And he just stood up. I flocked behind him, now gently stroking his testicles, very gently, and whispering all sorts of nonsense in his ear. From which Mike was seriously wound up, and again began to move in the bosom of my beloved. Doing this more and more sharply and each time penetrating deeper and deeper into it.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Marina finished so quickly, and then again. The third time, they had a mutual one. Beloved so all arched under him, so arched and stretched, her legs flew up, and her fingers squeezed on them. And what did her pens do with the sheet. And what happened to him, he also arched his back, lifted his head to the top, and was so tense. He was breathing so hard, although no, he was wheezing, and it seemed to me he even moaned hoarsely. Oh, and how his testicles clenched, splashing out into my favorite stream after stream of semen. Oh, and how I almost finished it MMM …

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