Two ladies and their lover. Part 2

When they finally moved away from sweet and very intense experiences, both of them had very silly but so pleased faces. But now I wanted and I wanted both of them. So proctically made this couple take care of me. Lying with my back on the bed, I spread my legs and told my beloved to please me. I also found something to do for the guy, obviously not quite the kind of activity he was expecting. But I didn’t care, I wanted, really wanted, and he is in a very big debt to me.

So I told Max to straddle my face. Don’t be surprised, I wanted it. But not as you thought, I did not need his cock, no, I needed his testicles. I really need it, only from the memories of how they lay in my hand I got even more wet. Which, by the way, was very happy with Beloved. I positioned Max over my face so that I have good access to his bells. Having passed my hand from behind between his legs, I began to call the balls I liked so much.

But looking up at his face, I saw how he was looking not at me, but at Marina, even the fact that he was sitting with his back to her, mixed with him. And with such a desire he looks that his penis instantly straightened and got stronger right before my eyes. It hurt me very much, the prick of jealousy was so great that I wanted to crush his testicles so hard that I was amazed at myself. But in the place of this she kissed, tenderly, very tenderly, with pleasure and care. And she repeated it over and over. Until one of Max’s testicles was in my mouth. I sucked him like some Chupa Chups, his delicate skin on my tongue was incredibly tasty. Even the obvious taste of sweat did not repel me, quite the contrary. From this I even finished, sprinkling my beloved face with a small trickle of lubricant.

Then I did this with the second elastic ball, then moving on to the first one again. And so changing them countless times. From this game I finished at least three more times, and maybe more. I went so into sucking on Max’s testicles that I completely lost track of time and my sensations. I was brought out of this euphoria by his orgasm. His testicles tensed, tensed, his cock trembled, and he himself bent his shoulders back, lifted his face to the ceiling, and wheezed. As a seed shot from its end, over and over. And since its end was aimed almost vertically at the top. All this arterial mass was on me. Well, a little on it.

I, too, was not left without another sugar, because as soon as his testicles contracted and the first streams began to fall on my face, a very strong spasm of pleasure went through my body. I finished very sweetly, naturally giving my beloved more of my juices. And by the way, not only them. At such moments, I can sometimes describe a little, and it was just such a case. But Marina, this feature of mine never bothered, on the contrary, she even really liked her.

But this was not enough for us, oh how little! Therefore, for a start, I allowed Marina to clean myself and Max, naturally we savored with his beloved seed. It didn’t taste very good, but the situation itself made this nasty thing, oh, how tasty and desirable. When we swallowed and pampered a little more, we noticed the boy, he was ten years younger than us with his beloved, or even more, but we both wanted him! Therefore, it is not surprising that his long-strengthened member was between our lips and under the care of our tongues. We pampered him for a while, but in the end we had to retreat, we didn’t want him to finish ahead of time.

We needed his member in a combat state. Therefore, Marina and I lay down with a jack, while Max perched on my pussy. Oh, how great his cock was, his one penetration was just fantastically pleasant, and when he started to move, I almost finished. In other matters, I did this at the moment when my beloved also began to caress me. I finished and finished, I felt good, but I wanted more, so I began to caress Marina too. More precisely, I buried my face in her pussy, and rubbed the tip of my nose against her clitoris. Which has long since emerged from its hiding place. And how pleasantly fragrant it was, and how moist it was. Why is he there, how her pussy squelched from each of our movements.

Among other things, there were not only her juices, Max’s seed oozed from the bosom of her beloved, but the trickle was small, but so attractive. Naturally, after my orgasm receded, I fell into Marina’s pussy in earnest. Savoring her fleshy lips, collecting that viscous slime with which they were covered. Then I switched to her bosom, my favorite hole. As before, the boy’s seed did not taste very good, but coupled with the nectar of his beloved. It was a delicious cocktail.

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