Two ladies and their lover. Part 3

Max also did not sit idle, and at the same time prevented me from pleasing and savoring my beloved, and gave such wonderful sensations walking in my burrow. Marina also gratified us, yes us, she walked with her tongue over my folds, then over the boy’s testicles, then over his penis, then over my legs. We felt good, very good, and every moment, it got even better! I was the first to break down. I was covered, my body stiffened, sweet spasms passed up and down. The pussy fluttered, the mink throbbed, and the body shook with a small shiver. I could not breathe, I could not moan, I was dying of pleasure.

But I thought so, because Max finished next, and it burst through me like a lava geyser. Each jet burned me from the inside, the pulsation of his penis bursting the walls of my vagina. His hands were on my sides, holding a death grip, and I was planted so deeply on him. That I started to cum again. I myself did not expect this from myself, this has never happened. I even wet myself with pleasure.

Which, probably, was the last straw for my beloved. Since she moaned in a voice, screamed and almost tore the sheets. Marina walked with her hips, trying to snuggle closer to my face, my lips, and my lively tongue. Her pussy gave so much moisture that I did not have time to clean it, but what is there, for the first time since our acquaintance, she wet herself. Yes, as described, the jet was notable. My face, hair, bed and naturally she were in this salty urine. No, for me it did not come as a big shock, we have already indulged in peeing at each other more than once, even gave each other urine to drink. But a prick of jealousy slipped through, as it was the first time in bed, during sex, and even this guy.

Marina is the love of my life, she is my light, and my darkness, and she is mine, and only mine. I found the guy not for love, but as a living vibrator, we both needed a member, hot, hard, and throbbing. And he exceeded all our expectations. We have received so much pleasure, the highest pleasure, in such a short time.

We were all not soon released, especially the overwhelming fatigue. Max with the last bit of strength got off me, and fell down next to me. I was lying on my beloved, one of her knees was in the place of my pillow. It took about ten minutes, or even more, before I felt the lips of my beloved on my pussy, and her tongue in the mink. She removed the traces of our pranks. By the way, he also began to come to life, as I felt his large hands on my back and hips. He stroked me, getting closer and closer to the ass.

And all that whistle began to spin again. All night long our bodies were intertwined in a ball of passion, our juices with our beloved, his semen, and a mixture of our urine. We have notoriously stained the bed, but we absolutely did not care, pleasure was above all.

Marina and I had our own business, we managed it, I did business, and she did finance. We were sitting in the same office, spacious and beautiful. Our tables were opposite each other. Which surprised our clients and partners a lot. So, we’ve been thinking about the helper for a while. Secretaries to be simpler. But now, after we met Max, we only wanted him. We needed it, and we needed it completely and without a trace. No, we didn’t love him, we just wanted him. Therefore, the post of secretary became his, but he had to be persuaded and renamed secretary, but he agreed.

And since then he is always with us, both at work and at home. And it meets all our needs. By the way, for your own pleasure!

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