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George hugged his wife tenderly.

“I’m sorry, dear, but you don’t need to ruin the evening over such trifles. Keep on having fun, I’ll be back as soon as I can.

Rachel smiled wryly.

  • It’s so bad without you.

After seeing her husband off, she returned to her duties as a hostess. But from time to time she remembered her sister. What is Sheila doing on this birthday?

Sheila opened the door and let George in. She took him by the arms and led him into the tiny dining room. The table was set for two.

  • Of course, – George was embarrassed, – I completely forgot that today is your birthday. sorry Sheila, I completely forgot about the gift.
  • Well, that you, dear, have not forgotten at all. Just give it to me later. Actually … let’s go to the bedroom and give me your present. Sheila said, luring her sister’s husband into bed.

George waited longingly for that moment. He was a strong and domineering man, but Sheila suppressed him, made him feel impotent … she was used to everything being as she wanted, the opinion of others was not interesting to her. If she had sex, she was a leader who took no liberties with others. George longed for her (she was beautiful), but at the same time he hated her fiercely. With his wife he was gentle, but with her sister he was a beast. George always wanted Sheila anally, wanted to tear this bitch in her young and elastic ass, but Sheila did not allow this, she mocked him and humiliated him.

Sheila sat down on the bed, took off his pants and began to suck his long cock. She knew how to do it perfectly. Taking the penis with two fingers, she masturbated the base, and with her mouth she repeated the “back and forth” movements.

  • Well, dear, – she whispered, slowly lying down on the bed and thrusting on herself a member of bloodshot, then began to rhythmically move her hips. – Ah, how nice … But you don’t like ordinary sex, you can’t come, can you, poor thing? And do you know why? Because you love the ass, and you love to fuck in the ass, but you are not given anally. You want me in anal, right? Wanna fuck me in the ass? Only you will never get it, you never hear! Sheila laughed.

George slowly inserted a member into her vagina. Her legs were wide apart, her lush and weighty chest did not even sway. Suddenly, something exploded in George’s brain, a crimson veil over his eyes. He came out of Sheila, turned her over on her stomach, spread her legs and entered … in the ass! Screams of terror and pain escaped the lips of his mistress. George brutally and mercilessly put his huge cock in her anus. He fucked her without a trace of embarrassment. Yes! Finally, he got hold of this huge and delicious ass.

  • What do the bitch like? AND? You say I’ll never get your ass? Yes? I’m already fucking you in your virgin ass. Na-na, get it! George yelled in response to Sheila’s heartbreaking, insane screams.

She felt wild pain. No one has ever had her anally. She was domineering and proud, and then suddenly she was fucked like the last whore. Her bottom, so elastic, tender and young, suddenly turned into the most sore spot on her body. Sheila grabbed the pillow with both hands, hiding her face, red from pain and humiliation, but her “tyrant” was merciless. Grabbing Sheila’s hair with his right hand (she was blonde with long and lush curls), George pulled her towards him. He came out of anal for a second. Putting Sheila on her knees, he straightened her, hugged her chest, and then again drove his phallus into the ass. A new wave of pain shot through Sheila. She began screaming and kicking, trying to pull herself out of George’s embrace. Then the lover put her cancer, he jumped on top of her and it all started all over again. Sheila was screaming less, she didn’t seem to care. George suddenly shuddered, his cock tensed, he himself made the last push and, sticking his penis out of Sheila’s ass, finished right into her expanded, huge, black hollow. George covered her whole ass with his sticky cum.

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