Unexpected sex with sister. Part 1

Dressed only in white underwear and a light T-shirt (from under which the “beer” tummy unwittingly protruded), thirty-two-year-old Vincent, having just relieved himself a little, was returning to his bedroom in the gloom of the corridor.

“Still, I don’t need to drink so much tea at night…” he mused sleepily, stepping heavily on the smooth surface of the parquet with his hairy legs. – Now just do that before dawn go to the toilet … “

With these thoughts, stopping at the door of the bedroom, he was about to reach for the handle, when he suddenly froze in place, hearing with his incredibly sensitive hearing something “noise, noise!”

“What is it?! – he immediately became wary, in addition to this noise “catching” the echo of some indistinct voice. – Is it possible that someone is breaking into the house ?!

At the same moment, no longer without a certain excitement, he, trying to move as quietly as possible, went to the sound and went out to the open door of his elder sister Mary’s bedroom – it was from her room that strange sounds were heard!

  • Oh, what a difficult job! – through the capacious “noise-noise”, already with extraordinary clarity he heard her softly singing voice. – But, I’m full of strength! Full of strength!

Not realizing what she was doing there, Vincent cautiously looked out from behind the door, but at the same moment he was stunned – kneeling in the middle of his gloomy room (in which there was only a large bed with a marvelous brown-woolen blanket and a dark purple pillow) , Mary carefully wiped the floor with a white wet cloth! I wiped, being dressed in a silk soft blue nightie, a brown apron (tied at the lower back in an elegant bow!), Light nylon stockings with a belt and pink high-heeled shoes!

“Oh my God – is she washing the floors ?! – just shot in the brain of the startled Vincent. – Yes, even at such a late hour ?!

But, it was so – his thirty-five-year-old brown-haired sister – shaking her stylish hairdo (a la “Cinderella-Princess”!), And her lush breasts of more than the third size … selflessly engaged in cleaning!

It was just by staring at this splendid udder of his sister (right in the deep hollow of which a gold medallion rested!), Quivering like jelly under the “noise, noise”, he, without expecting it … involuntarily fell into the room!

  • Oh, Vincent! – Immediately jumped to her feet, frightened by surprise, Mary, amazedly hatching large lush-eyelash sea of ​​blue eyes at him. – What are you … why are you awake ?!
  • Uric acid does not give … – he muttered in embarrassment, and did not take his brown “loops” away from her magnificent “jellies”. – All I do is piss, piss …
  • I understand … – Mary nodded slightly blushing, involuntarily lowering her gaze between his legs. – And here I am … I decided to start cleaning …
  • At night?! – Vincent was surprised. – What are you crazy?

“Well, I don’t know …” she was already embarrassed, shrugging her shoulders vaguely. – It seems to me that something really is wrong with me lately … Perhaps this house affects me so strangely …

However, clearly remembering that she was standing in front of him in her underwear, she grabbed the hem of a brown apron and pulled it up to her protruding udder – but this only revealed that she was not wearing panties! For, instead of them, the black-haired triangle of her female groin instantly appeared to Vincent’s eyes!

  • Hmmm, you say the house affects? – Vincent wondered, at that hour feeling the warmth of involuntary excitement in his loins. – And it seems to me, sister, these oddities in you are caused by the usual neglect.
  • What ?! – Mary fluttered in amazement again with her magnifying glasses, releasing her hem in surprise. – What you said?!
  • I say – you need to have sex with someone … – Vincent said, blushing. – You look, and you will stop engaging in all kinds of empty nonsense at night …

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