Unexpected sex with sister. Part 2

For a minute, looking at her younger brother as if he were insane (first of all, having fermented her splendor boobs with excitement!), She nevertheless surrendered to his argument, sharply drooped, lowering her gaze to the floor she had just rubbed.

  • Perhaps you are right, Vincent … – only her juicy cherry petals of plump lips uttered. – But, who am I to fuck with if we have been living in this damn country house for a month now ?! There is not a single living soul around …
  • Yes, you’re right – in this hole there is no one but us … – Vincent was also puzzled, looking her from head to toe. – Of the “all” men here, only I am here … Okay, it’s too late, I’ll go and try to sleep … Good night, little sister! Hmmm, or quiet cleaning!

“Although, why am I so rudely deceiving myself ?! – at that hour he thought to himself, turning his back to the pensive sister. – Do you really think that now you will certainly fall asleep after having just seen her almost in negligee ?! Oh really?!”

  • Wait, Vincent! – suddenly called him Mary. – I thought, and yet I realized that you are right – I really feel like an old maid! And this is at thirty-five! I really need to have sex urgently!
  • And with whom ?! He exclaimed in bewilderment, turning back to her. – With whom?!
  • Nuuu … – embarrassed she stretched out, not without a shadow of a smile, suddenly embracing him with her hand and meaningfully fluttering at him with her eyelashes. – Mmm …
  • You are … what ?! – at that hour, he roused himself, instantly realizing her intention. – How can you fuck with me ?! I’m your brother!

“Well, you don’t want it as you want…” she said as if nothing had happened. – Then I will return to my, as you say, “empty nonsense” …

And, slyly flashing a smile, as if by chance put her nighties up with her hands, at the same second … exposing in front of him the delicate marble of her juicy tits with a halo of scarlet papillae sticking out!

“Oh my God! – only and swallowed to himself Vincent, excitedly staring at this udder sister. “Looks like she’s really crazy!”

Mary, smiling even brighter than such a reaction, at the same instant turned her back to him and, falling on all fours, bared her ass in front of him – her large ass, with incredible puffs of her buttocks, a darkening hole in the anus and pinkish petals of the lower genital lips!

  • What are you … what are you … what are you doing ?! – Vincent gasped aloud in amazement, instantly feeling the heat in his small eggs from this sight. – Are you really off the hook ?!
  • I just continue my “empty work” … – Shooting over her shoulder with a languid gaze, she quietly fluttered a deep velvet of passion. – But, if you want, brother, you can also help me with it …

And, with these words (instantly getting rid of her nightie with an apron!), She quite openly led her seductive “fifth point” in front of him!

  • And I will help! – he finally boiled, at that hour, swelling the white fabric of his panties with an excited member. – With great pleasure!

And, in turn, having got rid of his underwear with lightning speed, he immediately laid heavily on top of it! He lay down, with one hand wrapping his arms around her elastic tits, and the other, deftly directing the swollen end of the genital “hook” straight into the dark hole … of the anus!

  • Vincent! – at the same second, Mary started up under him, clearly not expecting such a “demarche”. – Please, just not there!
  • Calm down, sister … – Roughly spreading the end of the extraordinary elasticity of her rear “entrance”, Vincent puffed dully. – I’m a man here and … I know what I’m doing …
  • But, I’m your sister … – she involuntarily flushed with paint, almost choking in the whirlwind of excitement. – You shouldn’t have me like … like some whore …
  • I can not?! – he just grinned, continuing to calmly attach to her luxurious bottom. – And it was not figs to tease me, sister! Now hold on! Itself asked for!

And … finally, firmly resting his wet “end” on the dark ring of her anus, he, making an unexpectedly sharp jerk, immediately … drove his crooked organ into it!

  • Ay! – Mary screamed at the same moment, her eyes widening wildly in pain.

He, having felt the hardness of a member of the hot-narrow embrace of his sister’s ass, immediately huddled in her in passionate swoops! He hammered, already freely embracing her breasts, which had fermented in time, and crushing her belly … her lower back!

  • Ayy-ohhh! – Mary whipped up quite heart-rendingly and, unable to withstand such a swoop from her pot-bellied brother, at that hour meekly fell on the floor.

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