Uninvited guest. Part 1

I sat in a sheet at an oak table sipping a beer. Clips were playing on the TV, there was the necessary heat in the steam room, the pool was inviting warm water, but … Seryoga said that he would not come. I really needed to discuss a couple of questions with him in a relaxed atmosphere … The girls who were poking around were kicked out by me in three seconds. I didn’t want girls. I didn’t want anything. I sat in a warm room, sipped a beer and thought about how best to act in this situation. You need to calmly think over everything in order to carefully outplay everyone ..

There was a rustle behind him. “I told you I don’t need anyone!” – I shouted and turned around. Before me stood a girl, no, a girl of about nine or ten, already wrapped up to her armpits with a white bath sheet.

“Who are you?”

“I? … I am Marina …”

“So what?” – I looked at her bare feet, at her thin hands and thought, why the hell the guard let her here.

“Nothing,” she said, and raised her hands. The sheet, not resting on the chest and no longer supported by the hands, slid to the legs. Before me stood a very small woman with breasts just beginning to take shape and with an absolutely clean pussy. While I was looking at her, she came up to me and pulled at my sheet. I, finally realizing what’s what, did not resist, especially since the lips of my new friend, a little plump, promised entertainment. I got up, unwound it into a sheet and sat down in a chair, legs spread wider.

Marina came up to me and squatted down. She immediately swallowed all my still flaccid member and began to push it with her tongue from one cheek to the other. As soon as he began to grow, she released him and pushed her tongue into my testicles. Oh yes, I love it. She began to move it as if she wanted to push my balls out. I closed my eyes with pleasure. With her left hand, Marina held my rising penis, and stroked my leg with her right.

Soon my penis stood and sometimes swayed quietly when Marina was especially zealous waving her tongue. She released my balls, swallowing them at last and licking them in her mouth, and proceeded to the trunk. She began to kiss him small, small, occasionally touching the tip of her tongue. Her hands grabbed the eggs and began to touch them and quietly scratch. Finally, she got to the very top. The head, slightly covered by the foreskin, was already waiting for her. Marina stuck out her tongue and began to drive the tip of it along the bare part of the head, slightly pushing the foreskin aside. These circular movements gave me a lot of pleasure and it seemed to me that the sperm in my balls began to boil, and yet everything is still ahead. I definitely liked this girl.

She made her lips a tube, opened them slightly and slowly began to put the resulting wet ring on my head. When the head was in the mouth, a rough and hot tongue was waiting for it from below. Soon the tip of the head rested against the sky. I expected Marina to move in the opposite direction, but then she got up from her haunches and, not releasing a member, bent over. It so happened that she was now standing on straightened legs and, bent over at the waist, leaned towards me. Her torso, neck and my penis were in a straight line. And then she continued to approach me. The head slid across the sky and penetrated the throat. Marina breathed loudly through her nose, but did not stop moving. She moved slowly towards me. The head rubbed against the walls of the throat, lips and tongue stroked the trunk, and the eggs approached the chin. Finally she touched the tip of her nose to my belly and slowly began to back up. I held my breath.

When the head was released again, it had a bluish tint and seemed to be about to burst. A second, and the girl began to plunge the member inside again. I was at the height of bliss. The movement along the larynx gave me an unearthly pleasure. When Marina once again put her nose into my stomach, I felt the approach of orgasm. To prolong the pleasure, I put my hand on the back of the girl’s head and hugged it slightly. I did not take into account the fact that by doing so I pressed my stomach tightly against her nostrils and cut off the oxygen supply. The girl jerked slightly and began to instinctively swallow. Realizing my mistake, I immediately let her go, she began to pull the penis out of her throat, continuing to swallow it. This I could not bear and began to finish. Jets of sperm got into her mouth, and when she pulled the penis out of her mouth, they began to fall on her face, eyes, hair. I poured abundantly, and she stroked my balls and caught the rest of the seed with her wide open mouth. When it was over, her cheeks, nose, hands and neck were covered in semen.

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