Uninvited guest. Part 2

I leaned back in my chair. “Go wash yourself,” I said, and took a sip of my beer. “Although, no, in such a situation, cognac is more appropriate,” I decided and opened the bottle. A pleasant warmth began to creep over the body, a wonderful lemon completed the composition. “What, and why not” – I thought and went to the steam room.

The heat of the steam room was pleasantly pressing. I lay down on the shelf and closed my eyes. Bliss. Just a thrill. The feeling of a puppy, causeless buzz filled me. After lying down for a while, I jumped out of the steam room and ran into the pool. With a running start, I jumped into it and began to swim. The water, neither cold nor hot, pleasantly refreshed the body.

Marina came up. “Get in,” I said. It didn’t take long to beg her. Turning her back, she grabbed the rail and began to descend. I got the opportunity for the first time to look closely at the grace of movement of a young body. The absence of a waist, a flat bottom and thin, but skillful, as I already knew, hands, together made up a funny ensemble. Sinking into the water, she swam. She did not swim very well, so almost immediately she tried to get up, but there was a lot of water in the pool and when her legs reached the bottom, her head was already under water. Having pushed off, Marina was forced to swim towards me. She grabbed her neck with her hands, I hugged her, and she wrapped her legs around my torso and took a deep breath.

Her tender touch with her little body to mine, and especially the lower abdomen, again began to awaken desire in me. Supporting her ass with my palms, I kissed her on the lips. They were soft and pliable, and the tongue I already knew began to butt smartly with mine. My penis has already risen again and I lightly touched under water with the very tip of the middle of the girl’s ass. For a while we frolicked like that in a warm pool, until I decided to move on to more active activities.

“Let’s go and have a drink,” I said and headed for the stairs.

Going into the hall, I sat Marina on my lap and asked: “Would you like some brandy?” She nodded. I poured her a glass and pushed the chocolate bar over. We drank and kissed. Then they drank more and kissed again. My guest tried to speak, but I constantly covered her mouth with mine. Once I kissed her little nipple and she gasped. Then I began to kiss, suck and bite her small nipples, not forgetting to stroke her small body. She threw her head back, rolled her eyes, and sighed softly.

I took her in my arms and carried her to the sofa. Laying on my back, I raised her legs high and spread them to the sides. Her wet small crack with half-opened thin petals appeared to my eyes. Putting my cock on top, I began to drive it up and down. At first, in small movements, when I just rubbed the bottom of my head, with the very hole against its crack, slightly moving the petals of the labia, and then more sweepingly up, when my eggs rubbed against the crack, and I leaned forward a little, as if trying to push them towards her closer. Marina lay motionless, her head turned aside and her eyes closed. Only a small shiver at times covered her body.

Meanwhile, a little lubricant appeared on the surface of her slit, and my head, still covered by the foreskin, was already covered with secretions, and I decided it was time to insert it.

Once again, when my head was directly opposite the entrance to the Marina, I did not let it slide up the lips to the tummy, but, slightly changing the angle of pressure, leaned forward with my whole body. The head parted the labia of my friend and began a fascinating journey inside. I felt Marina shrink all over, but in the current situation it could not help her in any way, and I continued.

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