Uninvited guest. Part 3

I wanted to drive my huge penis into her pussy with a sharp movement up to my balls, but I restrained myself. I began to slowly, slowly enter it. She was not a virgin, but nevertheless, her vagina was still very narrow. It seemed that I could hear all the folds of her cunt squeaking under my pressure, how she pulls on my dick, and when there is nothing to straighten out, when everything is already stretched to the limit, the next moment something in her opens up (or maybe and breaks a little), and I again have the opportunity to advance further.

Finally, I hit the wall of her young vagina and began to retreat. I quietly took out my penis, and she seemed to be turned inside out on him. Having made a full movement, I decided to speed up a little. The vagina, not yet having time to get used to the huge penis inside, tried to contract, but by doing so, only increased the girth of me and brought even more pleasure to me and pain to myself. I increased the speed even more.

Grease arrived, and it became much easier to move. Then, resting on the uterus, I made a slight upward movement, thereby slightly stroking it. Marina gasped. Retreating quickly, I leaned forward again and repeated the maneuver. She gasped again. I began to do so faster and faster, and the sounds made by Marina turned into a classic woman’s groan. I broke up. I could no longer do my “swing” at the end, I just hammered my head on her uterus, each time driving my penis further and further. Soon my balls began to touch her buttocks, which only added to my pleasure. Marina no longer sighed, but screamed every time I hit her uterus with force. The pace of my blows quickened, and she screamed long and drawn out.

Once again, rested against it, I froze. Marina was shaking. I looked at the girl beating on my dick, trying not to break loose and pour out my seed prematurely. When she calmed down a bit, I pulled my cock out of her and turned her over.

Now she was cancer. After admiring her, I invited her to lean on her hands and kneel down, while I stood on the floor. Grasping her buttocks with my hands, I entered her again. This time the path was farther away and therefore I didn’t resist very much against her, and everything inside her had already relaxed so that she could take me into herself better. I again began to move, tucking a member from side to side. It was just amazing.

The dense buttocks in my arms fluttered. I had another idea. Slightly pushing Marina forward, I ensured that she rested her head against the back of the sofa, thereby depriving her of the opportunity to move away from my insatiable penis. Having pulled out a member, red and wet with lubrication, I slightly gave it up with my hand and, placing it opposite the sphincter, pushed forward strongly. There was a very loud and thin cry. I even heard an echo in the pool. Marina did not expect such a move of mine and therefore did not have time to squeeze the sphincter strongly. Of course, he resisted a little, but not for long. I was already in her ass and pumped her rectum with my dick.

Delightful sensations of the contracting anus again brought me to orgasm, but I restrained myself. I started rhythmic and deep movements. Every time I drove my dick up her ass, Marina made a sound like a grunt. Since I was free this time, I got the opportunity to drive my entire cock into her. And I enjoyed using it.

Soon I decided to alternate sensations and, pulling a member out of the anus, abruptly placed it in the vagina, not forgetting to do my smearing push. The girl grunted in surprise. Pulling the member back, I drove it into her ass, easily overcoming the already nearly collected sphincter ring. Marina raised her head and bent over. I went out again and entered the vagina again. And so over and over again, increasing the pace.

Marina screamed long. I drove my raging member into both her holes, sweeping away everything in its path. I don’t remember if I had an orgasm in my ass or pussy. I remember that I kept moving and poured out the semen both there and there. When I finally recoiled, both holes of the girl who was on all fours – both the red twisted cunt and the light brown torn sphincter – were covered with a layer of my white semen.

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