Unlucky robbers. part 1

After school, my classmate Volodya Poselyagin decided not to go anywhere, but acted easier (what a play on words) – he graduated from the police school and now serves as a district police officer in our neighborhood. I’ve gotten a good job – on Tuesdays he fucks his boss and all the district police officers in our district, the delicious blonde Major Lukina.

Once or twice a month he bypasses all the houses – he rents the apartments of those who were imprisoned for a fee, of course, to his own pocket and a small part to the pocket of his beloved boss. Well, twice a month he comes to visit my neighbor Gregory – to discuss preparations for fishing. That is probably why it happened so – all discussions are held under a couple of bottles of vodka, and even their second drinking companion, sorry – a fisherman, Nikolai, comes with a bottle of brandy.

Well, well, there will definitely not be two of them, or even more, so Mirina, Grigory’s wife, undressed to her underwear – summer, heat, July. And, sitting down by the pier glass, she smeared her face with an anti-wrinkle cream of such an incredible, deep green color. And then, sitting on the spread out bed, she put sliced ​​slices of fresh cucumbers over her eyes. Feeling a pleasant burning sensation on her face and dozing off a bit, she also decided to do something else. Since Grigory does not often fulfill his marital duties, she spread her full legs and put her hand into her panties, starting to masturbate with pleasure.

She was already approaching the finale when she heard the creak of the door and male voices. “Here is a goat, I would have sat there and drank, but no – and he pinned himself on and brought a friend. and I’m lying here naked. Here is a hornless goat, a little more and I would have finished. ” Well, what to do – they quietly slid off the bed and deftly slipped into the closet, managing not to even creak the door. And there she, too, slowly began to caress herself.

And these were two apartment robbers, they usually went from house to house and sniffed out what and where is bad, and, of course, what is good where. They were in work clothes, carrying suitcases in which real construction workers carry tools, bags on their shoulders, so that they were invisible to the residents of the area. Do we pay attention to wipers and garbage cleaners?

Tracking that the company entered apartment 47, there was already a buzzing with might and main and even the loud laughter of Nikolai’s very tipsy wife, these novice urks moved one floor higher. Well, so – even the door is not locked! They quietly crept through the apartment, gradually stuffing their bags and suitcases, then went into the bedroom, catching the wonderful exciting scent of a woman.

But there was no one, then they decided to take the owners’ belongings, suddenly there was an expensive fur coat or leather coat in the closet. Opening the closet door, the first saw a simply incredible picture, charming to complete insanity and even madness – a half-naked woman with the face of the landlady who died two months ago, one eye is closed with something like a circle of a cucumber, and the second is open and sparkles with the fire of a hungry beast. Moreover, this ghoul bared her teeth and loudly growled and hissed with her throat suddenly dry with horror, which made the robber feel horror.

  • Zombie, zombie, ghoul, – gave the rooster the voice of the robber and, suddenly feeling severe pain in the hypochondrium, he began to lose consciousness. Blackness abruptly closed his eyes, his heart stopped and he crashed to his full height, hitting the back of his head hard.

“What a ghoul, damn drunk,” the second yelled softly, hearing the crash of a fallen body and, entering the bedroom, saw his partner fallen on his back. Why did he fall, idiot?

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