Unlucky robbers. part 2

And then he realized that his eyes were going out of their sockets and a severe pain squeezed his chest, he shuddered all over, his legs became literally wadded, his sphincter relaxed and a hot stream hit his pants. Something like a hungry ghoul, with a green face, one-eyed and terribly bared its teeth, and wheezing loudly, climbed out of the cabinet and crawled out. The woman could not utter a word – her throat was tightly intercepted and she only wheezed with might and main. Abruptly dashing, the second robber threw the bag and at a speed crashed his forehead into the corner of the door frame, immediately losing consciousness.

Having heard the noise, the least drunk Nikolay decided to go up to the fifth floor. Images of Mirina, who was always half-naked in her apartment, whom he often saw in this form, flew in his intoxicated brain. but in passing. But now, entering the bedroom, he saw a wonderful “still life” – two men in work clothes were lying on the floor and were clearly unconscious. Mirina lay face down on the bed in all her half-naked beauty, whose lush ass always attracted Nikolai’s thirsty eyes, but here it looks like his dream can come true!

Having tied the hapless robbers with towels, the cunning Nikolai pulled the panties off the woman’s appetizing bottom a little, then tied her hands to the headboard with a sheet and, slipping a pillow under the woman’s stomach, began to fuck her with pleasure. Mirina soon woke up, but prudently decided not to show it, they say, she is already thirty, she still has no children, she had few men, but cool, so it’s okay, she won’t lose it, otherwise suddenly these bandits decide to kill her. Soon a strong stream of sperm hit right into the bosom of the excited woman, giving her a little pleasure, but this “bandit” continued his fast frictions. Alcohol was walking in Nikolai’s blood, and then the frightened Mirina began to squeeze her intimate muscles, giving him great pleasure – in the vagina of his wife, his small penis simply “walked”.

Here is how you fuck a girl! But then he decided to get another pleasure – the neighbor’s lush ass always woke the beast in him! Pulling out his “friend”, he smeared cream on her tight anus and stuck his standing penis in a tempting hole with a stake, spreading his lush buttocks and began to move slowly – Mirina just sighed softly.

Sliding one hand under his stomach, Nikolai began to caress the button of the clitoris, and with the other hand he crumpled the rather elastic large breasts of the seductive neighbor. And soon she screamed loudly, all arched, and then screamed loudly from unprecedented pleasure – she had an anal orgasm! Then Nikolai howled, violently ending in Mirina’s ass. But then he began to climb off the seductive body of his neighbor, and she turned her head and Nikolai screamed loudly, his face twisted with fear – the terrible face of a ghoul woman scared him to death!

Having come running to his apartment, he sat down at the table and quickly grabbed a large glass of vodka, not feeling the taste at all – this terrible face of the ghoul stood in front of him. And then it just dawned on him – these two drunken perverts, deftly putting his faithful “crustacean”, famously fucked her from both sides, and she just hummed through her nose, obviously getting a second orgasm. The look was pretty sexy – her skirt was higher than the waist, her panties were lowered, and her plump legs in stockings were great! But this picture did not catch Nikolai at all and he, grabbing a second glass full to the brim, lay down on the sofa and simply passed out. And beside him, this trinity of libertines groaned and moaned sweetly, adorning Nikolai’s head with branchy horns.

Sly Volodya, having finished with pleasure in the skillful mouth of the hostess, decided to go up to the fifth floor. There he, pulling off the trousers from the hapless robbers to his knees, first fucked Mirina, cumming inside her, then he got a second orgasm from her ass, which took it surprisingly easily, and only then, lying in pleasure on Mirina’s body, called the task force, informing … that he personally detained these two elusive apartment robbers. Who also already managed to rape the mistress, but he dealt with them!

Volodya told me the result of this story personally and secretly, we laughed with him all over his apartment. These robbers were stuck in a prison hospital – one had a stroke and the other had retrograde amnesia. For the disclosure of this elusive gang, Volodya received the rank of captain and the post of deputy major Lukina. Nikolay, together with Grisha, now often fuck together Nikolay’s wife – she incredibly liked that “cupid de trois”. Nikolai is now also pleased – his wife has a constantly happy face, she constantly cooks deliciously, and now there is constantly fresh beer in the refrigerator.

And Mirina finally got pregnant and often walks on the advice of a doctor. Sitting on a bench in the park, she dreamily rolls her eyes and recalls the past adventure – she has never received such incredible pleasure and such a vivid orgasm and is unlikely to get it. And ordinary, vaginal, and at once and anal orgasm – just fantastic!

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