Unusual event. Part 1

Lika was sitting on the edge of the sofa, in her right hand she was twirling a white business card, and in her left she was clutching her phone. She had once again replayed in her head an extraordinary situation that had happened to her a week ago.
• • •
She was returning from college by her usual route, for a year she had been living with her aunt and had long ceased to be afraid to move around the city alone. Thoughts about the upcoming English test completely occupied her head, and Lika did not notice how her neighbor, the owner of a posh house and a small hockey court next to him, appeared in front of her. The girl often saw him, but did not even know his name, he usually talked with one of his clients, hockey players, or with the workers who were building a pool in his yard. He greeted her and introduced himself as Alexei, as it turned out later, he was a former hockey player who ended his career back in the USSR. Very quickly, Alexei learned about the girl that she was from another city, lived with her aunt and was finishing her first year of college, and without thinking twice, the man offered to walk around his yard and show her his modest, in his opinion, possessions. He told Lika that he often has events and banquets where waitresses are required and offered to earn some money, said: “if you need money, then call and we will think of something” – handed a white business card into her hands, and then asked:

  • Do you have a boyfriend?
  • No – Lika answered embarrassedly, and it was not.
  • Well … Look, if you would like, then I could help you with this question, so to speak, overcome your inexperience … cough – cough – then you can also contact me with this. Lika, with horror realized that she was completely alone with a stranger in his house, but she decided not to show her excitement and said with restraint: no, thanks, and then smiled.

For a second, disappointment flashed on Alexey’s face, but it was quickly replaced by another expression that Lika could not make out:

  • Well, look, you have my card, call me if you change your mind or you need a part-time job. You can offer your girlfriends.
    • • •
    “I’m not going to sleep with him!”

Beeps were heard from the phone, the receiver was not picked up immediately:

  • Hello, I’m listening to you!
  • Alexey, hello! This is Lika, your neighbor, we met a week ago …
  • Yes, yes, I remember – you offered a job … – after thinking a little, she decided to clarify – as a waitress.
  • Let me think, yes, I will have a banquet in two weeks.
  • So long? Is there nothing closer? I urgently need money, I have nothing to pay for my studies. – Lika was already on the verge of despair, she was already trying to borrow money from her friends, she had no one else to turn to.
  • There is one option, tomorrow night, but the event is a little specific, and I don’t really need waiters, but rather … an exposition.
  • What is it? But it doesn’t matter, I’m ready for any job!
  • Are you sure?
  • Yes.
  • Then I’ll wait for you tomorrow at 16:00, don’t be late. – Alexander hung up.

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