Unusual event. Part 2

The girl stopped at the gate of the house wondering if she had made a mistake with the entrance, but the gate opened by itself and a guard came out to meet her:

  • Can I help you?
  • Yes, I am working at the event today, Alexander asked me to come by 16:00, where should I go?
  • I will take you to him. – he turned around and led Lika through a small area. Soon the silence became awkward and he decided to start a conversation:
  • It’s strange, they usually give everyone a lift at once, but why are you on foot?
  • Yes, I live nearby. – this ended the dialogue.

Alexander was in his office, which was elegantly furnished, but without the pretentiousness that was inherent in many businessmen who came out of the nineties. He motioned for her to sit down at the table:

  • Tea or coffee?
  • Tea, please, black if available. He made the tea himself, and also moved the basket of handmade chocolate. They chatted a little, then Lika asked what time the event should start.
  • At 19:00 – he answered.
  • Why then am I here now, something needs to be prepared? – the girl looked up in surprise and suddenly felt terrible fatigue, she wanted to sleep, her eyes began to close themselves.
  • Yes you. – the man smiled affectionately, in a fatherly way, and this is the last thing Lika saw, and then fell into a dream.
    • • •
    Consciousness did not return immediately, Lika was in a state of half-sleep, she was finally awakened by pats on her cheeks from a complete stranger, he was unusually dressed in tight-fitting pants with a naked torso, in his hands he had a microphone, which he waved in front of her face. She wanted to scream, but could not, in her mouth there was an incomprehensible round contraption that was attached somewhere behind her head. The strange guy called the girl, who lowered her head humbly approached him, in her hands was a suitcase.
  • Everything will start soon, and the main exhibit is not ready, come on quickly. – he threw irritably and slapped the girl on her bare buttock. The girl was dressed in a black and white suit that vaguely resembled a maid’s suit, she looked at me sympathetically and hurried to get to work.

Lika suddenly realized that I was completely naked, the body was in an incomprehensible structure: the upper half of the body was lying on a small table, hands were tied to the corners of this stoic, the lower half was somewhere behind the hole in the plaster wall and hung down freely, and my legs barely touched floor. I tried to move and pull my legs to me, but to no avail, chains were on them. Suddenly someone’s hand touched my crotch, my whole body was numb with horror, I felt it with every cell, really the worst thing will happen now! Another touch followed already on the pubis, surprisingly, it was perfectly smooth and shaved, and the touch was cold, it was that maid girl. The hand again lowered to the perineum and massaged the gel, and then touched the sphincter. I squeezed him tighter, even though I knew it wouldn’t help. The other hand began stroking my buttock, clearly urging me to relax. I decided not to tempt fate and put my finger inside. Slowly and carefully, the maid inserted her index finger into the ass, distributing the lubricant along the walls. A little later, she added a second finger and a third, I’ll give her credit, she did it skillfully, and a wave of excitement began to cover my helpless body. Suddenly she took out her fingers, and replaced them with a metal stopper, a slight chill for a second hid the discomfort, but quickly it was replaced by the feeling that she really wanted to go to the toilet.

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