What does alcohol lead to

One evening, my companion, my beloved girlfriend, and I had a romantic dinner, after which we had violent sex. We lay in the twilight, through the window you could see the stars and a full month, we lay in silence, exhausted. Catching her breath from a violent orgasm, she told me:

  • Sunny, I love you and I won’t trade you for anyone in my life.
  • What is it direct to anyone?
  • Yes, the sun.
  • And you will not change.
  • Of course not. What are these questions?
  • Yes, simple. Have you ever cheated on me, just honestly?
  • Zaya, don’t you trust me? – I saw that she began to get nervous and excitement went through her body.
  • I trust, but still … So yes or no?
  • Of course not, I have always been faithful to you.
  • Lina. I won’t be offended if you tell me everything as it is. You think I don’t see that you are hiding something from me. Everything will be fine with us, we will not part. I love you and I don’t want secrets between us.
  • I’m sorry … – she began to cry and lay on my chest. – Maxim, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to … – she gasped.
  • Sun, do not cry. Just tell me when and how it happened. – I kissed her, wiped the tears with my hand, she smiled but did not dare to look into my eyes.

Having sunk into the window, without emotion, she was shaking all over, she began to tell me.

  • Do you remember, we went to the sea last year, I also said that it is necessary to go there next year. I said that the sea here is cool, warm, the waves are not big. So, I lied, it’s not the sea …
  • And in what? – I asked, having already guessed by example what happened there.
  • Listen. When we arrived, do you remember the guys there lived in the next house?
  • Well, yes, we drank beer with them and played volleyball every evening.
  • Do you remember the first evening when they came to meet you? They took a box of vodka and you competed who would drink more.
  • Yes, I won then.
  • No, she smiled, but her gaze remained motionless and emotionless – they just won.
  • In what sense?
  • They gave you a fool to drink in order to fuck me. When you got drunk you started calling me names and so on, I started crying and left. One of them hit you and dragged you into the house. You were so drunk that in the morning you could not understand why you had a bruise, I said that I fell on the steps.
  • I wonder what happened next?
  • I left, sat down on a bench and began to cry. Dima (that was the name of one of the guys, he was the leader of their company) came up and sat down next to me. He started stroking my hair, shoulders … I pushed his hand away. He removed and said:
  • Calm down, baby, he is not worthy of you, you are so beautiful and kind, you tolerate him, but he does not appreciate it. I’m sure he’s not the first time.
  • Yes, he always drinks this.
  • Let’s punish him.
  • How?

He silently put his hand on my knee and began stroking, the second he stroked my back and head. I do not know what happened to me, but I wanted to kiss him, I raised my head and dug into his lips. We merged in a passionate kiss, I immediately began to flow and he noticed it, he put his hand under my dress and began to drive his thumbs through my panties. I began to move to meet his hand. I wanted him so much for no one in my life. I put my hand on his shorts, and felt a huge cock there. I so wanted to suck him off, looked up from his damn pleasant lips, without a word knelt down, lowered my shorts, greedily wrapped my lips around his head. God, he was cool, I never sucked such a dick in my life, my head blew off and I started doing things that I had never done to anyone. I would like that from my efforts he would shoot a powerful stream of sperm in my mouth, and I swallowed it all. He pressed his hands over my head and thrust his cock down my throat. The first time I did not vomit from these actions, but on the contrary, I began to push it even further, it seemed to me that I would swallow. Dima pulled out his device from his throat and told me to bring him to orgasm with cubes. I followed his order, after which he filled my mouth with thick, delicious sperm! After swallowing it, I got up and got ready to go. But he stopped me and said:

  • Hey, baby where are you going. I have to thank you for the amazing blowjob. Stand up doggy style pussy.

I obeyed, got up cancer, he came up to me, lifted my dress, took off my panties, they were wet as if I had just left the water. Dima ran his hand over my pussy. I broke down and said:

  • Fuck me already, I can’t take it anymore.

He laughed and with a swing inserted his standing stake with a stake, which quickly moved away from the blowjob. I groaned and literally a couple of minutes later, his movements in me, I began to wriggle in a dizzying orgasm. I shouted so that the whole town probably heard my cry. She turned and said in a hoarse voice – Thank you …

Suddenly I heard footsteps approaching us. Dima pulled out his penis, and immediately Zhenya entered me, then I saw that I was in the circle of guys and I just didn’t go from here. Dima came up to me and said:

  • Here’s your thanks. I’m sure you’ll like it. Vova come here, give this whore in her mouth, she sucks great. And what are you worth, Mark Lech, give her dicks in hand, let him jerk off.

At that moment, I was very ashamed. I felt like a finished whore. But the worst thing is that it terribly excited me and I began to move to meet my wife, and moan with pleasure.

They were changing, I could not understand where did so many of them come from? There were about 20 men. They fucked me, hit me in the butt and called me a dirty whore. What made me wriggle in an orgasm …

Then when I sucked everyone and I was fucked. They ordered to kneel down and open their mouths. I, like an obedient whore, carried out the order. They Became around me and began to cum on me. That They said that tomorrow there will be more. And I was looking forward to the next day. And you slept drunk … And did not see what your faithful girlfriend was doing!

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