While moms are in the club …

This story happened to me a year ago. I was 18 then.

I with my mother, my friend and her mother, went to rest in Egypt. When we arrived at the airport, to the closest hotel, we had to go two kilometers. By the time we got to the nearest hotel, the clock was 23:00. I, having changed clothes, was going to go to bed. My friend Sonia is also going to sleep. By the way, Sonya is my age. She is the same age as me. Her mother was then 35, and mine was 36. Mom Sonia and my mother went to a nightclub. They left the keys to the room with us. I stripped down to my underwear. I was only wearing my thong and my bra. Sonya also stripped down to her underwear. She was wearing only her lace panties and her transparent bra. We were bored. First, we surfed the internet.

When the clock was 23:30, we started watching TV. They didn’t show anything interesting. Only news and ads were shown. And the news was also boring, especially in another language that I did not understand. We both felt sleepy. But, we both could not sleep: for no reason, for no reason, my head ached, Sonya became ill (she began to shake). Sonya said she was sick. She threw a kovt over herself and ran into the street in only one kovt and underwear. I decided to wait for her. She was gone for a very long time. I got excited. With excitement, my head ached even more. I put on my sports shorts, put on a T-shirt with short sleeves and went outside to look for Sonya. Suddenly, when I opened the door, Sonya was standing on the threshold. She called me somewhere.

She took me behind the house (our rooms were two-story houses) and took off my shorts, and then my underpants. Then she asked me to bite my lips. I did so. She made me kuni. It was like this for 5 minutes. I tried not to moan. Then, we went to the room. I walked without my panties and shorts. I went into the room. Sonya lay down on the bed, took off her blouse, panties and bra. I began to lick her shaved pussy. Then I climbed into her size 1 breasts. Then she climbed my buttocks. Then she masturbated my anus. Then I climbed her anus, and then her buttocks. She was pleased, as well as me, when she made me kuni. We had oral sex from 23: 55-1: 00. We had to interrupt our “game” because Sony’s phone rang. It turned out to be her mother.

She said they were on their way home and would be there in 15 minutes. We quickly put on our underwear, the traces of orgasm (we both had an orgasm) “hid”. We dressed for about five minutes. After another 10 minutes my and Son’s mother came. We did not sleep then. They just pretended to be asleep. They looked like they didn’t come from a nightclub, but from a brothel: my mother was shaggy, her miniskirt fell off and her panties peeped out. In general, Sonya’s mom’s pants almost attacked up to her knees and her lace panties were visible. My mother stripped naked and went to bed on my side of the bed (we slept on the same large bed), and Sonya’s mother just down to her panties and went to sleep on Sonya’s side. Sonya fell asleep in 2 minutes, and I in 5. It was a difficult night.

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