Wife sharing. Part 1

  • Dear, and you know for some reason it is easier for me to communicate with men than with women. – said the wife.
  • And why am I ashamed to ask? – I answered watching the news on TV. I did not attach much importance to her words.
  • Well, it’s just that your friends come, and it’s easier for me to communicate with Andrei than with his wife Anna, and I’ve always been like this, with guys I find it easier to find a common language. – the wife continued to argue.
  • So what are you hinting at?
  • No matter what, okay forget it. – the wife finished the conversation at once.

I recalled this conversation a little later with all the ensuing consequences.

Well, we waited for the weekend, there were a lot of plans for the weekend. This is a meeting of guests and a fishing trip, and a sauna. My classmate with his wife, also my classmate, was supposed to come to visit us.

The wife sat at home with the children, so she could wake up later, the habit of sleeping longer was formed. Well, I’m used to getting up early for work, jumped up already at 8 am, and began preparations, which included a trip to the store, marinating meat, preparing a bathhouse and going to my grandmother with the children.

Fortunately, the weather was just a fairy tale, the sun was hot already in the morning, everything predicted a good time.

All the planned tasks had already been done by 11 o’clock. Returning home from grandmother, he naturally persuaded the children to stay with their grandmother, I hear the phone:

  • Alo! – I said.
  • Is this how you meet old friends? – sounded in the receiver.

It was my classmate Andrei, who was supposed to call before leaving, but decided to make a surprise, and he succeeded, since we waited for them in the afternoon.

  • Great, I took the children to my grandmother, I’ll be there soon! And what doesn’t Vera reveal to you?
  • So the house is closed, I knocked, but no one opens. – said Andrey.
  • It is clear, she apparently sleeps still, she is an owl, she likes to lie around until dinner. You knock on the window louder enough for her to sleep. – I answered.
  • Good!

Less than two minutes later the phone rings, this time Vera called.

  • Didn’t you warn that Andrey would arrive so early?
  • So I myself did not know, and it’s time for you to dine early.
  • For your information, I ran to open the door in my transparent peignoir, thinking that it was you who were pounding.
  • So what?
  • Yes, that’s okay, just your friends saw me almost naked.
  • Well, dress so that you are running around naked. – I said with a mockery.

The day went by with a bang, a lot was eaten, a lot was drunk, we talked about a lot, and did not notice as it was already evening. I usually do not sit for a long time under a degree until late.

  • Guys, okay, I’ll go to sleep, tomorrow I’ll get up for fishing or today. Vera, did you lay the pastel?
  • Yes, go to bed, everything is made.
  • You sit with us some more. – Andrei and Anya said almost in one voice.
  • I’m all guys. Or I’ll fall asleep here on the bench.
  • Yes, let him go, you know him gets up early and go to bed early. Dear, just lie down in the hall, Andrey and Anya will lie down in our room! – said the wife.

It knocked me out right away, only I had time to pull off my pants and take a horizontal position. I woke up from the fact that there was no longer any urine to endure, the bladder was ready to burst.

On the way to the toilet I heard rustling in the room, then a lingering moan and accompanying chomping sounds.

In give, I thought to myself. Returning from the toilet, this situation was spinning in my head, my fig would agree to have sex at a party. Although such a situation does not turn on childishly, I know myself already swam, but to no avail.

I went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep in any way, a member of a stake stands and that’s it. I climbed under the covers to my wife, I run my hand along my leg, then higher, and I understand that she is sleeping naked, naked. Well, so much the better, I thought, and put my hand between my legs to check the readiness for an invasion, and then everything was ready, humid and hot. With my finger, I began to massage the clitoris, which it seemed to me not the same as before, deeper or something smaller. Well, here the finger is already striving to go deeper into the cave, moan, the second ass is already going to the same place. I can’t stand urine, and sitting on the side, I slowly penetrate inside, the groan is not the same, and the sensations are different, like something wider or something. I increase the pace and massage the anus with my finger, penetrating the floor of the phalanx, my wife’s hand takes my hand away, strangely, usually, I am always not against anal sex.

Meanwhile, Andryukha got a taste of the campaign there, Anya’s drawn-out moans were clearly heard throughout the house. Which could not but turn me on.

The lateral position did not give complete freedom of action, I turn my wife onto my back and just freeze. Before me is Anya, not Vera. I scroll all this in my head and understand that Andryukha is now also fucking my wife. Anya lay with her eyes closed, spreading her legs, inviting in such a pose to continue what she had begun. A member did not even think to fall, stood like a bayonet knife, in anticipation of the continuation. I wanted to stop this disgrace, but my thoughts were interrupted by Ani’s hand, which grabbed my penis and directed it into her bosom, whispering barely audibly:

  • Don’t stop, I’ll cum now!

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