Wife sharing. Part 2

Hearing another groan from our bedroom, now it is already clear whose it was, with a sharp, ramming movement entered Anya. She wrapped her legs around my waist and began to cum, her legs convulsively squeezing my waist, without making a sound. And then she opens her eyes, her reaction was the same as mine, she froze, digesting everything that happened. She had a certain fright on her face mixed with pleasure and uncertainty.

At that moment, a loud cry was heard from the next room:

  • Oooh yeah, still, don’t stop! Mmmm how good!

Anya looked at me inquiringly, lowered her eyes to my protruding member and, without saying a word, pulled me towards herself. We merged in a lingering kiss, this situation turned me on with special force. Anya, meanwhile, fiddled with the clitoris with one hand, and massaged the already sticking member with the other.

I knew that she did not give Andryukha in the ass, and decided to try to punch the forbidden gap, put her on his knees, introduced the penis into the vagina, and began to massage her anus with his finger. From which she began to whine, I accelerated the pace and now she began to finish pouring out her juices, at that moment I felt how the anus relaxed and the finger began to easily penetrate inside. Without taking a break, I slowly penetrate into the ass with a penis, also without encountering much resistance, immersing the head, I let her get used to the sensations, she began to breathe heavily and often.

  • Oooo how good it is! – barely audible burst out of her mouth.

Realizing that she liked this process, I began to slowly penetrate deeper, centimeter by centimeter, gradually increasing the pace. Anya’s anus was unsealed and did not offer absolutely any resistance, she bent as much as possible in her back, clenching the sheet in her fists, whining slightly. I could not understand in any way whether she was close to orgasm, all women are unique in this respect. Vera always accompanies the sounds of the closeness of orgasm, and Anya, as a partisan, was silent. When suddenly I felt trickles of something warm flowing down my legs and Anya began to thrash in convulsions, uttering a barely audible:

  • Ah! Quiet. Good.

And I could not resist began to fill her ass.

What are we doing? I’m fucking a friend’s wife, and as a bastard, he encroached on mine, I understand that, without understanding, I settled down. But how dare he? Yes, Vera is good, how dare she do this literally next door with my friend? I was overwhelmed with anger, but at the same time I am also good, this was a deterrent to not start swinging a sword right now.

I kissed Anya on the neck and hurried to the bathroom. Passing the room, I could not resist the temptation and decided to see what was happening there, despite the fact that the sounds emanating from there recently spoke for themselves. The last thing I heard was “Cum inside me!” they spurred me on and I opened the door a little, and I was dumbfounded, Andrei was standing in front of me ramming Vera in the ass, and she moaned and waved towards him.
• • •
“Damn it, he’s always like that, abandons me with his friends – thoughts sounded in Vera’s head when her husband announced that he was already exhausted and went to go to bed.

  • And why did you heat the bathhouse and didn’t even go? – Vera voiced out loud.
  • So what is stopping us? Let’s go get warm, otherwise I’m completely frozen. – suggested Anya.
  • Can I work with you? Although I love to take a steam bath, it would not hurt to get warm. – continued Andrey.
  • So go get warm, I hung towels there, and while I sit by the fire. – Vera said and held out her hands closer to the fire.
  • Yes, let’s go together and Andrey will steam us. Yes Dear? – said Anya and looked questioningly at her husband.
  • Yes, of course, as always, the most difficult thing for me – Andrey said approvingly.

They rolled some more intoxicating drink and headed to the bathhouse. Vera was always embarrassed to go to the bathhouse with someone, but alcohol and the persuasion of friends won her over. Going into the bath, Anya was the first to start undressing, she quickly took off all unnecessary things, including underwear, rolled into a towel and jumped into the steam room. After her, Andrei undressed, turning to Vera, his booty pulled off his panties, and, covering himself with a towel, also retired to the steam room. Vera did not take off her underwear and went after them.

  • Why didn’t you undress? How will Andrey soar you?
  • Yes, I’ll just get warm – Vera retorted.

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