Wife sharing. Part 3

Vera was terribly embarrassed to undress in front of someone, and suddenly a towel or something else would fly off, although her figure was not very bad, despite the fact that she gave birth to two children herself. Of course, no one insisted, and Andrei began to hover Anya, who was already lying on the shelf waiting, having thrown off her towel. Then she turned over, presenting her breasts on display, and Andrei continued to soar, but it was already hard for him, and he sat down to shelter a little from the heat, at that moment the towel treacherously left his lower back. Vera, sitting on the bottom shelf of the shelf, saw the moment perfectly and hurried to avert her gaze to the side. The foreskin of the penis was pulled back, revealing the purple head of the penis. But Andrei, instead of raising a towel and covering his body with it, on the contrary, got up and continued to soar his wife. From what was happening, Vera’s groin tickled a little, although she looked to the side, but with a peripheral vision she perfectly saw how, with the blow of the broom, Andrei’s dignity dangled from side to side.

  • Well, I’ll go to the house and lie down – said Anya, jumping up from the shelf and pouring a ladle of cold water over herself, went to the dressing room.

Andrey followed her, nevertheless throwing a towel over himself. No sooner had he left than the door to the steam room closed and his red face appeared: “You are next, get ready for now, I will just catch my breath a little now.”

What does get ready mean? He doesn’t think I’m going to undress in front of him, does he? – thought Vera, and felt an ache in the lower abdomen.

The steam room door opened again and first a broom appeared, and then Andrei, seeing that Vera was in her underwear, he commanded: “Take off your clothes, how will I soar you dressed!”

  • If you are ashamed of me, I will not look at you – and he turned away.
  • Yes, I’m not ashamed, it’s just not habitual like that – and she began to pull off her panties, they were wet through and through.

At this moment Andrei turns his head and sees a picture: How Vera, turning her booty with one hand, touches herself between her legs and with the other holding her wet panties. She finished removing her bra and lay down on the shelves.

  • I’m all ready! Only, mind you how they agreed not to spy – Vera said playfully, although she perfectly understood that it was a trick, how he would soar her and not look at her.

Andrei stood on the top step of the shelf and bent over it, opening up an excellent view of her current pussy, and began slowly stroking it with a broom, stopping slightly at her butt.

Vera felt a fire inside, she started up in earnest, especially when turning her head to the side, she saw how the head of a penis appeared from under Andrey’s towel, pushing the edges of the towel apart. She began to be overcome by vulgar thoughts, as if the positive part of her consciousness was sitting on one shoulder, and a lustful whore on the other:

  • Is his cock on top of me?
  • Well, who’s the fool, you see someone else here.
  • No, I can’t do that, I have Kostya, I never cheated on him, even in my thoughts it was not.
  • And who’s all wet with desire?
  • It’s just physiology and excess alcohol.
  • Nooo, you want to be fucked. You feel how he caresses you, turn around let him look at you from the front.
  • I do not want to provoke him and myself, he has a wife, my husband.
  • What kind of wife, what kind of husband, it’s just sex, adrenaline rush and everything, no feelings, simple sex.

At this, thoughts disappeared somewhere, and she felt Andrei trying to turn her onto her back, lifting herself up on her elbow, she turned onto her back, covering her chest with one hand and the groin area with the other.

And again the demon burst into her head:

  • That you, as a girl, hide behind, grab his penis with your hand, give him access to your pussy.
  • No, I will not go to treason, period.
  • Do you think your hubby never cheated on you? Yes, he is at work one hundred percent fucking some young whore.
  • It’s not like that.
  • Truth? And why does he have a lot of sperm, then a little when you suck his dick? Can’t you guess?
  • Dick, dick, dick, take his dick!

Her hand did not freely reach to the side and lightly brushed his cock, he really stood like a tin soldier and was ready to fight at any moment, just beckon.

And again the voice of lust:

  • You see, he is waiting for you to invite him to your most secret places. Spread your legs, succumb to temptation!

Unable to fight, she did just that, pulled her right leg aside a little, and grabbed the penis sticking out from under the towel with her hand and began to slowly massage it.

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