With a donkey and a pig. Part 1

My wife and I woke up in a camping somewhere inside Kazakhstan, yesterday so sweetly we came off with all our holes, having fucked with a member the size of a log at the orangutan GOSHI, and all night we had an erotic dream where we are in the country LILIPOPIA turning into hitherto unseen animals like a six-winged eight-headed each other in all holes all night. After such an erotic dream, I wanted to continue our debauchery, our holes have already rested and are ready for new achievements. On the intercom, I call the manager and ask to prepare a hog for us for 1 hour and then a donkey. We ate, rinsed and prepared. Having grabbed our case with a trenching tool, and how could we go without it, we went to look for another fucking hut, yesterday we burst a little, it turns out that the living creatures that are here are intended to be fucked, and the fool and I also fucked ourselves, Fuck, it’s good that nobody not understood. It takes us into an almost pigsty there, on such a platform, a spotted hog is fixed – well, a male pig, tied with all four legs, and the upper ones are slightly higher than the lower ones, a small piglet, next to a jar of petroleum jelly, well, so that it does not fuck without lubrication.
Great, I close the front door from the inside and the fun began, my wife in a dress and without panties, immediately got to the segment of the piglet, I took out a huge two-headed dildo from the case, oiled it and began to look for the entrance hole, found it where it was laid under the twisted pig’s tail, oiled it put pressure on, such a sickly 4.5×40 dummy chpok and easily entered the pig’s point, the boletus screamed as much. The wife found a small protruding tip and enthusiastically pulls it out, stroking it, I puff but screw it up and podrachivaya I drive my two-headed dildo into the ass, the pig has already won 30 centimes, the wife also has progress from such an action (the hog squealing, although he is usually fucked here, but not with the same big dicks) his penis got out and BOTH ON a very small 2cm in diameter but all 50cm in length, moreover, wavy and somehow uneven, as if crushed and in a spiral and looks like a screw, the little wife thrilled into her mouth with delight and so smacked sucks with pleasure, and the segment grows and grows and it becomes elastic like a policeman’s stick, I screwed up my penis only the second head sticks out all 35 cm inside, I went to help my wife she already wants to, but it’s completely inconvenient to have a place under the hog, but I did not find it in the shed, a low box, some kind of rags, made a stand out of this and covered it with a white perfectly clean sheet.

We always have several sets in our case, the little wife is already trembling, I want to try the boletus, I say his penis is very long and elastic, it is only necessary in the ass, I better massage your pussy, crawls perfectly under the piglet and lies on his stomach, I figured the length of the fucking segment so-so, it gets to the very neck, it won’t go, my wife can’t see it there, I move her away so that the size of the incoming member does not exceed 40cm, I take out a felt-tip pen from the case and just in case I mark the length of the pig’s stub starting from 40cm and 5cm by eye I take risks, I take on a pig’s dick, and he plays like a fish and a slippery puss in his hands, tucked his wife into the ass, slightly bending it to the side and slowly controlling the entry, the most important thing is to go 20 cm further easier, and the segment just like a screw in the hand rotates there here, and even twitching, I bleed him like sailors, the rope slowly letting in inside, the wife already squeals from the inner rotating and vibrating member of the hog, I lower all 40 cm inside, my palm slightly chills boar fell in the balls, they are between his tail and the penis, as it were on the thighs of the ass, there is still a decent amount of 25 centimes, fucking piglet, the hog with pleasure, it seemed to me, understood that not only him, but he would be satisfied today, it’s much that he has no move, but he’s a bum, and since he turns it like a propeller and like a screw it goes in and out just a little out of his wife’s point, both squeal with pleasure. I lit a cigarette, watching the process, my wife is already shaking from orgasm.

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