With a donkey and a pig. Part 3

I put my spouse with my stomach on an impromptu stand, lubricate my wife’s ass and the entire length of a donkey’s penis, calmly insert this piggy nose into my wife’s ass and, controlling the length of the entry, I slowly push forward, as expected, the heels rested on the turn of the intestine and does not go further, I puff and squeeze and I turn a little, the donkey helps his cock 3.5×50 by the end of 4.45 has already tensed and he is happy to help me, it’s good that the thinner member of the boar hedgehog has already covered this distance and the donkey’s member, although thicker, still overcame the resistance and went inside the little wife I immediately launched bubbles with pleasure and began to get pleasure, I slowly refuel this proboscis inside and already 40cm inside, the donkey almost neighs at the donkey with desire and both squeal with mutual pleasure. The donkey dispersed and methodically, as if the donkey was screwing my spouse in the ass, then it moans and also squeals slightly with pleasure, the donkey disperses and, with an amplitude of up to 20 cm, the piston drives its piston in the wife’s ass all the time, squeals at the donkey. I watch, smoking, I feel my wife will pass out from continuous orgasms and the donkey never ends, puss. Grasping the hose protruding from the ass with both hands, I suspend the frictions and slowly squeeze the donkey’s penis out of the ass, he is so dissatisfied with what seems to be interfering, only dispersed.

He took out and, together with the box, pulled the little wife to the side, she lies so in awe and does not want to get up, turned her face towards the donkey, rest well while I jerk off the donkey myself, HER anus – the point does not close and she is so beautiful with With a slightly open hole in my asshole, I lubricate my asshole and the end of the donkey, squatting like an equilibrist I will fit under it and with one hand I direct a very elastic penis into my ass, without resistance, the snout with the trunk fell inside my ass, well, after the hand of my wife, this is so a toy, but the truth is more authentic than to the elbow, I start simultaneous frictions and I towards the donkey and the donkey in my direction, we approached each other like magnets, the member up to the very belly in me, that is, it took a full size, it’s awesome just a little uncomfortable to stand leaning on the floor with your hands on the floor and swinging your ass, but what a thrill, the donkey jerks me off with great pleasure, well, I feel good, moving a little forward, I adjust the depth of friction, my own segment in a full combat stance dangles and snot see Azki drip on the floor, then no one squeezes it, but the ass with great pleasure is pulled around the donkey’s trunk and smacks so, with every move. I got prettier and I, too, began to catch anal orgasms one after another, Zhenushka had already regained consciousness and decided to help me put gloves on her hands, lubricated and crept up to the donkey’s point, with one hand removed the constantly dangling tail and so gently fingers into the boat begins to insert her hand into the donkey’s ass , her experience is GOGOGO. without much resistance presses and is already up to the elbow inside, the donkey whinnied at the donkey and a tight stream of sperm splashed into my kitty.

I’m a bastard and my wife is trying to move on her already started this action again and she swaying and screwing the wasp into the ass, the donkey, although she lowered it, continues to move, ramming her sperm into my point, the wife’s hand reached almost to the shoulder, she made several sharp movements back and forth going out and reaching almost the entire length of the arm, a non-contact orgasm broke through it again, and something even spurted out of the pussy, I could not bear it and, holding my right hand for my penis, jerked off a little, and immediately fired the remnants of accumulated sperm onto the floor, UFF. It’s time to finish filming a member of the Donkey, while he continues to twitch and calm down. All the sperm inside and I, like my wife, received a decent dose of vitamins ceramides and other very beneficial substances for the body + OXUITIVE pleasure. We are going to clean, put the tools and tools in the case, Well, we had fun and a positive experience, YES. It’s time to leave this den and our journey across Kazakhstan continued. This is how our acquaintance with the boar and donkey members took place.

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