Young Katya. Part 1

He often looked at me at school. He taught geography and was a big grown man. Just as I loved. We periodically exchanged jokes with him and while no one heard, we made them more and more vulgar and with more and more hints. So he found out that I was still a virgin, but I already want to try what I still only look at in porn. While I caress my little pussy. Of course, he understood that such conversations with his student did not lead to good, but he still took the risk and carefully learned everything from me. And I said, and when I came home from school, I masturbated not to porn, but to my fantasies about it. About how an older, strong and large man takes me in all holes. Painfully, without stopping.

On that day, when I was already leaving the school grounds, he came up to me and took my hand. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. I’ve been dreaming for a long time that a man who is much bigger than me would take me. He knew it. I told him. He asked me only 1 question: “Are you afraid of pain?” And he smiled his big smile. A huge 2-meter man stood over a small and fragile 18-year-old girl and asked this. Just like in my wildest fantasies. And what could I answer, except: “No. She turns me on ”and smile?

My teacher was leading me by the arm, thinking about how he was about to tear his little student’s holes. And I, an innocent baby, who was all in his hands and power. And I wanted him to be rude to me. I wasn’t that innocent either.

We went into the house, he closed the door behind me. “No one will bother us,” he said and I had already started to flow. By his order, right in the hallway, I slowly knelt down in front of him and moved closer to him. He unzipped his fly and pulled out his big, thick, veined cock. He hadn’t got up yet, but it was already too big for my mouth. But as he ordered me, I took him in my hand, caressed him a little and raised him higher, began to lick. “Come on, bolder, bitch. Lick him completely, feel the taste of a grown man. Are you ready for anything to become a woman? ” – I got dizzy from his words and I tightened the skin on his trunk and clasped the thick head with my mouth. I began to gently jerk him off and suck, from which my teacher’s cock became just huge. I stretched out my mouth more and more that he got into it. And my pussy was flowing harder and harder.

“Good girl, girl” – with these words he put his hands on my head and began to press on it, thrusting my head deeper and deeper into his penis – “Relax your throat and let it penetrate inside.”

But his adult, large, 25-centimeter member barely entered my little virgin throat. So I put my arms around his hips and began to push myself deeper and deeper into his penis, trying to push him as deeply as possible. So he reached my throat with his head, but then he got stuck. Therefore, he pressed harder and faster began to put my head on his giant, from which I began to gag, and saliva began to pour out of my mouth, down my chin. Like tears from my eyes. But he entered me only half!

“I’m just getting started,” he said, enjoying my suffering. I closed my eyes in pain, feeling the healthy member go deeper into my throat. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t. Drool and tears mixed on my face. But he continued to thrust it in, giving me painful pleasure. After all, finally, they fuck me like a whore, the way I have long wanted and dreamed of it. I wanted to. And I liked how my wish comes true.

As if reading my thoughts, my teacher, my man, grabbed my pigtails, twisted them on his fists and began to actively tear me down the little whore’s throat with his big hairy penis. I had no choice but through tears and pain to take his penis into myself deeper and deeper, allowing him to enjoy the throat of a little girl. I was completely exhausted and almost hung on this dick, which fucked and fucked me deeper and deeper, piercing my throat to its full length, enjoying the way his tightness squeezes the head. He kept accelerating and increasing the pace, ramming my throat and punching his way inside with a member. Until finally I went almost all the way so that my nose buried in his pubis. Then he stopped, giving me the opportunity to feel the fully risen man’s cock in my throat. In this case on his dick. I almost suffocated and began to wriggle all over, from which I twitched on his penis. And he liked it.

“This is just the beginning.” He abruptly came out of my throat and gave me a second to catch my breath. But only for a second. Then he began to drive his cock over my face, smearing his grease and my drool over my own fucking face. “Beg me to fuck you,” he ordered. And I, looking from the bottom up, at a big and grown-up uncle who had just fucked his lustful baby down his virgin throat, whined in a thin voice: “Please fuck me … Fuck me without pity, I’m all yours.”

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