Young Katya. Part 2

“Good girl,” he said, unbuckling his belt and pulling his pants down. Taking my head with his hand, he pressed my face to his balls with force. Lizhi, he ordered. And he began to take the top off himself, while I quickly and obediently licked his balls. My panties were already wet through and I wanted him to quickly tear my clothes on and put me on his big and adult bolt. But he was in no hurry and only turned me on more. To which I completely agreed. He took off all his clothes and pushed me away from the eggs. Taking off his pants, he kicked up and put his foot in front of me, he ordered – “lick”. And what would I think less, grabbed by the braids and forcefully lowered to the foot. “Open your dirty mouth and lick it, bitch. Remember your place. Lick your teacher’s feet. “

I could not resist such humiliation. I immediately fell on all fours and, dropping my face to the very bottom, stuck out my tongue, starting to lick his fingers and feet, not missing a single millimeter of his skin. I liked that he decided to take out all his desires on me. It turned me on very much. Although he gave tasks that are easy for an inexperienced girl to complete. The next times it was much more complicated. But then, he found another good place for my language. “Remember him, you will have to lick all the men there to show what a reliable whore you are.” He taught me how a good teacher should do with a little slutty student. Having said these words, he put one foot on a stool, took a penis in his hand and began to jerk him on the sly, and ordered me: “lick the balls, and then go down lower and lower. Until you get to the anus. And start licking it. ” God, I was so pleased to caress him. My master’s anus. I moved closer, squeezed his ass and began to lick his balls, gradually moving lower … Slightly parting the buttocks of my master, I began to lick his anal. At this time he jerked off with 1 hand, and the second pressed my little head to his ass, thanks to which I was gradually able to shove almost the entire tongue into his ass.

Having humiliated me enough, he straightened up and turning to me, spat on my face, ordering to thank him for it. Which I gladly did. After, I with no less pleasure opened my nasty slutty mouth and lifted my face up. When his spit landed on my tongue, I swallowed it and thanked again: “Thank you, my master.” For this he gave me a couple of tangible slaps in the face, making my cheeks burn red. “You are a good bitch, but you have too many clothes on,” he said, and, roughly unwrapping it, tore off my jacket. Then a T-shirt. He liked that I was not wearing a bra, which I did not wear then, because I still had too small tits. Which he, to my and his pleasure, painfully squeezed and twisted the nipples, making me moan in pain and pleasure. Then, he roughly grabbed me by the neck and put me cancer. He pulled off his shorts. I was wearing thin pink panties. He hit me in the little ass, making me cry out in surprise and pain. And excitement. Pulling the shorts to the end, he threw them back and ordered his bitch to crawl on all fours into the hall, painfully hitting my ass, urging me on.

I crawled on all fours into the hall, breathing deeply and quickly, anticipating that it was time to tear the rest of my holes. I dreamed for so long that he would hurt me, immobilize me, torture me. And he was going to hurt me a lot, but first, he humiliated me. Making my first sex even more beautiful.

Having enjoyed the sight of a small wagging ass, he sat down on the sofa and, grabbing my hair, pulled me. Pointing to the member, he ordered: “Suck!” Naturally, I immediately became cancer and obediently took a member in my mouth, and he again pressed one hand on my head, forcing him to choke on his size. With his second hand, he hit me on the ass, each time more and more, making my body shudder from the blows and it is pleasant to massage his penis in my throat. I was shaking all over, but I could not get away from his penis.

Hitting me enough and making my ass red, he let go of my head and let me catch my breath, spitting in my face again and rubbing our drool over it. “It’s time to become a woman.” With these words, he gave me a strong slap in the face, which threw me back. He’s hanging over you. An adult two-meter man over a small 18-year-old schoolgirl. Taking a strip of my panties, he pulled them with force, causing my little pussy pain. Enjoying the moans, he tore them up, opening access to the still virgin pussy. Hanging over me, he put the head of the penis to the entrance to the already wet vagina, and he tightly squeezed my hands behind his head, immobilizing his bitch and asked the main question: “Are you ready to become a woman?” Everything inside me was seething with desire. The end has come this moment, even brighter, better and more painful. Than in my dreams. Now, I, a little girl, will be raped by a big and strong male. My teacher, my man, my master. For a second I was even scared of what would happen next, after that, but imagining all that unbearable agony of torture, pain, humiliation and sex, I just spread my little legs wide apart and was able to squeeze out one word: “Yes”. “Say goodbye to childhood, Katya,” he said, before tearing my hymen.

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