Young Katya. Part 3

With one movement, he drove his penis all the way into my vagina, which caused me unbearable pain. God, it hurt. Without giving me a break, he began to build up the pace and fuck the girl’s narrow vagina while I cried and wriggled under me unable to get out. I cried and screamed at the top of my voice, but no one heard us. And I was glad of that.

My tears only made his penis harder and he continued to fuck the tight and recently virgin pussy of his little slut. He tried to plant his penis all the way, but he could not fully enter my little pussy. The head rammed my uterus, pressing it further and further and in order to plant me even deeper, he grabbed me by the throat and strangled me, began to fuck quickly, loudly slapping his balls on my vagina. I was like a rag. A puppet worn on a member. A doll in the hands of a huge man. And he was turned on by how defenseless I was in front of him. As well as me.

As it should, stirring up my cunt, he left me. After wiping the blood off my penis and vagina with a rag that was once my panties, he threw them aside and grabbed my hair, lifting me sharply, again putting cancer. After all, I have the last untouched hole. Moistening his finger in my mouth, he began to develop my ass. But she didn’t give in and was too narrow even for a finger, let alone a penis. Oh hung over me while I sucked his penis, trying in vain to lubricate him so that he could easily enter my ass. After a couple of minutes, he still managed to insert 1 finger into me and then he immediately tried to insert 2. But the ass still did not give in. Spitting on it and on my face, the teacher pulled the penis out of my mouth, turned my ass towards him and, putting the head against the ring of my milk anus, pressed. When the head strongly rested on my anal and slowly began to tightly enter, I yelled in pain, but he didn’t care. He continued to press harder and harder on my sphincter, trying to crack it, and finally he succeeded. The head of the penis penetrated into my narrow ass, and immediately followed by the whole penis. Oh yeah! I fell face down on the bed and screamed loudly, grabbed the sheet with my hands. What a thrill it is when you, a lascivious youngster, are raped in the ass, tearing it apart with your thick cock. He punched me so roughly and so painfully that I could not even moan, but only screamed. But if I could, the only thing I would ask him about is to tear me up harder.

And thank God he wanted the same thing, to plant my ass as deep as possible on the cock, making me his anal whore. Therefore, he grabbed my braids and pulled them over himself, forcing me to bend over to meet him and taking more adult male dick in his little girlish ass. I was his bitch who blissed out wildly because I was my teacher’s anal whore. I strongly arched my back from such tension and his penis completely entered my ass. And I hung on it and could not get off it myself. But I didn’t want to. But suddenly, he abruptly stuck his penis out of my ass and, turning me towards him, put it in my mouth until it stops, thrusting it straight into my throat. I gladly tasted the taste of my ass from my master’s penis and caressed his trunk with my tongue while he was in my whore mouth.

Having fucked my throat to his heart’s content, he stuck out his penis and again turned me around with my ass towards him and pulling my braids, began to sweepingly fuck me in my pussy all the way to the uterus. So he fucked me with a big adult cock until I felt him fill my belly with his semen. For my first time! This was definitely not part of my plans, but feeling a big dick in his pussy, feeling how he pours into me, his whore, all his sperm, feeling like I am completely in his power and he does what every man should do with his a whore to impregnate her … I just succumbed to instinct and caught my first real orgasm in my life.

Having poured everything into me, we stood there for a while. He, enjoying the contraction of my torn cave and I, feeling how all his sperm filled my young mother to the brim. Then, he stuck his dirty cock out of me and, putting me on my knees again, begins my face and milking with urine. I thought there was nowhere dirtier, but he decided to piss his bitch at last, forever showing her where she belongs. Naturally, I gladly took all of his urine on myself, washed my face, hair and my whore body under his golden rain and drank his tart nectar. I happily swallowed the last drops of his drink, before taking his cock in my mouth and taste all the cocktail of flavors that remained on it. I could taste my virgin blood, the taste of my milky ass, the taste of his male seed and the salty scent of his divine urine. And while I was licking him clean, he only said to me: “Wash and get dressed, we need to look at the school. And don’t worry, you won’t need panties there. “

So I became a woman. His woman. And, naturally, he tortured me for all 9 months, while my belly was getting bigger. He fed me and our child with his sperm and urine all the time, straying my holes, turning me into his submissive whore. Which I have become. And for which I am grateful to him. So, my dear, you appeared when I was fertilized then, for the first time. And now you know what a woman should do for her beloved man. And that’s what you’ll do for your daddy today. And I believe you can handle it. After all, you are our daughter. Daughter of a big and strong man and his slutty little slut. So let’s go and now you will become his little and depraved bitch until your sisters grow up. And don’t worry, mommy is with you, mommy will help you satisfy your father’s big, fat and hairy cock while he rips all your holes for the first time. Today, you and mommy will satisfy our master.

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